Checked out r/unixporn but it's all just completely flat themes with no visible UI elements. What's the point of showing off your ~-~kEwL~-~ Linux desktop if it just looks like Windows 10?

Like come on, where's the WindowMaker dock with 10 completely useless dockapps running? No rippling reflecting water effect at the bottom of the screen that uses up 50% of your CPU? Not even a Matrix code background? Kids these days...

This is what a real Unix desktop should look like. Bunch of useless dockapps, Matrix theme, XMMS, Unix joke about /dev/brain, IRC, list of movie players you use to play your illegally downloaded Buffy the Vampire episodes, and a folder of book warez downloaded from Project Gutenberg

It warms my heart to see that there are still packages for wmcube and wmfire in Debian

It used to be that there was a huge library of different window manager themes on /, but a few years back the site shut down and there doesn't appear to have been any attempt to archive it. Damn shame to see user generated content like this just vanish.

Ironically, it seems freshmeat for several years in response to the crawler was just serving empty pages with the message, "There is no need to mirror our content". Turns out yes, there was.

Currently assembling my own screenshot so I can show these r/unixporn kids what a real Unix desktop looks like. Having some problems getting fsv to work though.

by the way, what in god's name has happened to xmms? it used to be just a simple Gtk-based clone of WinAmp, but apparently at some point the devs decided that they were actually developing an elaborate multi-frontend client-server music playing framework? The old WinAmp-style UI doesn't even exist any more and the new default interface is ... a CLI.


@fraggle > The old WinAmp-style UI doesn't even exist any more and the new default interface is ... a CLI.

Oh FFS this is what happens when software is basically finished, but people want to keep working on it

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