I feel slightly embarassed that I ever taught classes on PGP.

@rysiek So many of the cryptographers I've followed over the years, whom I learned about PGP from and through, are now spending time slamming it and calling it a once, now, and always failure.

Maybe I missed a memo someplace.

@drwho @rysiek I'll sit myself in the 'pgp is and has always been a tool suited to particular uses and if folks would understand which mathematical properties were and weren't guaranteed they'd be a lot less peculiar about it' boat. It's probably a pretty lonely one but... so much of the argument both for and against in the wider techsphere seems to consist of 'but humans can't understand numbers and select the crypto properties they want correctly' which :eyeroll: is an education issue.

@feonixrift @drwho usability is crucial, and there is plenty of valid criticism of the OpenPGP ecosystem.

Quite honestly, GnuPG at some point started being a problem, rather than a solution. Hence projects like @sequoiapgp , who are doing some amazing work with making OpenPGP, well, usable.

At the same time, it remains a useful and important tool. People ain't going to move off of e-mail, because there's no-where to move to:sequoia-pgp.org/blog/2021/06/2


That's a great article! This point is one I rarely see mentioned:

there is a fair amount of evidence that people who have a pressing need can use OpenPGP successfully

I'm glad I'm not the only one banging that drum. And thanks for turning me on to Sequoia PGP, which I was unaware of!

@feonixrift @drwho @sequoiapgp

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