I have learned that only humans and whales go through menopause.

@oakreef Interesting! Both long lived, highly social, cultural.
I've seen it convincingly argued that menopause is a social trait, allows the most experienced members of a group to share attention/experience with the youngest generation. In humans, given the extraordinarily high mortality rate of women in childbirth, probably also drastically improved life expectancy for the most valuable minds in a community.

@seachaint Interestingly I saw this because of an article about observation of menopause in a species of whale that is *not* highly social and where "grandmothering" doesn't happen much, raising the question of whether it provides some other benefit.



@oakreef @seachaint Oh, they're still highly social! The question seems to be if their current social behavior is enough to make menopause worth the cost.

Not having read the study, I wonder if they consider that it might be a retained adaptation from their ancestors.

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