PSA to Mac users: update to 10.14 High Sierra now. 10.15 will be coming out soon, and at that point if you haven't updated, you're fucked.


@phoe Once 10.15 is out, you won't be able to upgrade to 10.14 anymore. And besides being a buggy mess that once again breaks audio subsystems, 10.15 adds "security" "features" that break both Unix and Mac software, and adds Vista style "do you want to allow..." pop-ups for normal functioning of the computer.

AND it removes the 32-bit userland, AND the Carbon (derived from classic Mac) userland, so a ton of software will stop working.

@tfb AFAIK you should still be able to download 10.14 manually and manually perform the upgrade. It's going to be a hassle though.

@phoe From what I heard, they removed the 10.13 download when 10.14 came out. If you're right, it gives a short reprieve at least, until the signatures on those installers expire.

@tfb Cannot confirm: I can download both 10.12 and 10.13 on my Hackintosh. They likely keep the installers alive for machines that cannot be upgraded to higher versions.

@phoe Oh good news, maybe it was a temporary mistake.

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