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scitesy @scitesy

One of the things I really appreciate about web development in and most fp ecosystems is the desire to have or x fp lang on the server and the client. Acknowledgement of the JavaScript problem is the first step toward a solution.

@scitesy I'm not sure I agree. It's not so much having the same system on the client and server, but rather having good tools on both sides.

Javascript is never a good tool.

@loke @scitesy that is true. Though, I think I would need to see a clear cut advantage of diverging the technology before taking on the complexity of learning/integrating two ecosystems. There are also advantages to having the technology the same on both sides that would otherwise not be realized...such as sharing data models and validation logic.

@scitesy Sure, I'm not saying that there are no advantages to having the same language on both sides. What I am saying is that as a benefit it's less important than having good tools.

The belief that having the same language on both sides is the most important factor is what gave us Nodejs.