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"That reddit-killing distributed self-hosted tool you’re building probably won’t kill reddit, sorry. [...] Make something personal for a dozen people, because that’s the one thing those massive vendors will never do and never even understand that they could do."

- Graham: "My proposal for scaling open source: don’t"

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Sports teams, it turns out, are not merely billionaires' playthings - they're also a way to launder the earnings of the ultra-rich to reduce their tax liabilities far below the liabilities owed by the minimum wage workers serving pretzels *or* the millionaire players.

Ballmer's tax dodge involved ginning up $700m in paper losses for the team by amortizing its assets, including assets that don't depreciate.


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what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

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Looking for an artist to design a logo

For some time I have been working on programming language, KAP, which is a derivative of APL. The implementation is open source, as all languages should be.

The project itself does not have a logo, and all programming languages should have a logo.

Now, I have exactly zero artistic skills, and I know there are artists here that could help me out.

I will of course pay for the effort, since I do not expect anyone to create a logo for a project they do not use for free. If you have an idea, then let me know about it and how much you want for the effort and I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

Just look at the project page and you'll see just how empty it seems without a logo:

xkcd nails it: linked list interview problems are archaic.

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Generational garbage collection is when your mom cleans up your room.

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🇬🇧 Yesterday, the regulation on #chatcontrol was adopted by the EU Parliament: a sad day for all those who rely on free and confidential communications and advice, including abuse victims and press sources. This is how the Parliament’s groups voted:

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It's tempting to compare Bowie' Blackstar album with Iggy Pop's Free. Both are sort of the jazz records in their portfolio. But Blackstar is the far better record. I guess Iggy probably allowed a lot more freedom for his collaborators. Bowie, on the other hand, sounds like he is in total control. And I guess in the end that's what makes the difference.

Is it just me or does the end of David Bowie's song Lazarus sound very similar to the Cure's All Cats Are Grey?

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Da hat die taz völlig recht: wenn immer mehr Leute Rad fahren, wird die Infrastruktur immer unzulänglicher. Aber das erhöht hoffentlich auch den Druck, da mehr zu investieren und auch den Autos den Platz streitig zu machen.

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Test machen und staunen, wie sehr wir durch Medien beeinflusst werden.

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pocket service 

Wondering what the purpose of the "Home (Beta)" is for Pocket ( Seriously, the last thing I need is more distractions while reading. Isn't that what "Discover" is for?

Please give me back my attention and stop trying to make a social network out of every fucking thing on the planet.

(Note: Not a call for alternatives. I have a system and it works. When it stops working I'll ping for alternatives. Thanks!)

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Kind: „Damals, als die #Klimakrise akut wurde, war das sicher Top-Wahlkampfthema aller Parteien, oder?“
Erwachsener: „Also weißt Du, eigentlich fanden wir die Frage, ob eine Kandidatin in ihrem Sachbuch Fußnoten richtig gesetzt hat wichtiger.“
Kind: 😳

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Die Rücknahme von Corona-Beschränkungen zum Wahlkampfthema zu machen, währen die #DeltaVariante auf dem Vormarsch ist, ist so ziemlich der worst Plan EVER. 🤯

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So, let me re-phrase:

Government-run study, involving shortening the work week for government employees proves that productivity can be *gained* by shortening the work week.

Does business jump on that insight and clear opportunity to gain productivity *for free*, thus edging a competitive advantage on the market?

No. This happens only after unions get involved.

"Capitalism efficiently allocates resources" my arse.

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I've been keeping about an arm's length away from the whole GitHub Copilot fiasco, memes aside. This article by Julia Reda has struck me as being the most level-headed of all of the opinions I've heard.

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#GitHubCopilot is not infringing your #copyright: The #FreeSoftware community should not adopt a maximalist copyright stance just because it seems opportune in this case. It will only hurt us in the long run & strengthen the likes of Microsoft. #GitHub

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I felt the pull of a summoning, and was dragged to the depths of Hell again.
"What now?" I say as I appear in the mystic sigil.
"Hi, Bob," the demon says. "Our printer has stopped working."
"Release a soul."
"You want my I.T support? You summon me from my sofa? You pay."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Simple. A private equity company has convinced each of the medical professionals you interact with to secede from the hospital's payroll and form an LLC.

The hospital contracts with your anesthesiologist's LLC, your trauma surgeon's LLC, the radiologist's LLC - sometimes the WHOLE ER is amputated from the hospital and then grafted back on in LLC form, under contract to the hospital as a standalone independent business.


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