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A thread on why I use #ZFS. Each toot is one reason.

1/ Protection against Silent Data Corruption - data corruption that is not detected by any other component of the system. ZFS checksums or hashes every bit of data in the filesystem, data or metadata, and you can schedule a prediodic scan ("scrub") to see if all data is intact. On RAID setups, ZFS will automatically correct it for you. I've witnessed the value of this, particularly on petabyte-scale installations.

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This article "Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine" is really a great read about the vaccine, deconstructing and explaining the mRNA it is made of in an easy to understand way.

Fighting with configuration to be able to use multiple smarthosts, but it looks like I'm not patient enough anymore. 😩​

I stumbled across msmtp today, which looks a lot easier. Does anybody have any experience with it?

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Leute, die Feuerwerk als Video verschicken ... Warum?

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GTK problems, experts welcome to to provide advice

I need to create an event listener on a window so that I can handle text input (I'm not using a text field, but doing all drawing at a lower level).

If I understand things correctly, I need to instantiate a GtkImContext, bind it to the window using gtk_im_context_set_client_window and register an event handler for events of type commit.

Is this enough? I've done this but I don't get any events.

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Work this morning:

The kitten swipes at the large cat, but misses.
The large cat hisses.
The kitten attacks the large cat!
The large cat escapes the kitten's grasp.
With great difficulty, you dig into the rock wall with the rusty vim -3.
You find 2 pure functions.
The large cat snarls.
The kitten swipes at the large cat, but misses.
The kitten attacks the large cat!
The large cat attacks the kitten!
The kitten's hair stands on end!
You continue digging.
The kitten attacks the large cat!

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This sort of thing is so obvious and so actively ignored by ML cheer leaders

I've heard many proposals for how to use ML for electronics design. Virtually all of them are immediately shot down by "how do you train the model?" and "how do you guarantee you're not smuggling out proprietary data?"

The answer is of course that you can have no such guarantee, because you'd be doing exactly that.

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Hier - endlich! - der lang erwartete #rc3 Fahrplan.
Alles was du vorher gesehen hast, waren allenfalls kleine Ausschnitte.

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Finished my 2020 project.

Let me call it #6502portable.

It closes the loop between my starting point in 1986 and now. Like a Terminator time line, just backwards.

It's an Atari 800XL on a USB powerbank, video output captured into a Raspi on a 2nd powerbank.

Visuals inspired by Alien movie where computers look like they should. Released in 1979, the year of Atari 800.

I have rarely felt more satisfied.


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We won't be using electricity to light up Christmas lights in #Kenya. We will watch the lights of the Milky Way! This in the Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Chyulu Hills and Turkana. Photos by Alex Choquette, Joel Neely , Jeremy Goss and Roger Torres Sabaté

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Mein Wunschzettel ist dieses Jahr extrem kurz:


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The screenshots of prerelease 5 of the nyxt 2 browser (implemented in Common Lisp) looks pretty nifty. They added a dashboard and the ability to "reduce buffers" -- if this means nothing to you: it means to show only parts of a webpage.

Vor 100 Jahren gab es in Deutschland die erste Radio-Sendung. Eigentlich unglaublich, wenn man sich überlegt, was seitdem noch alles an technischen Innovationen passiert ist.

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Covid-19, Impfung, Wirksamkeit 

Die Unstatistik des RWI Essen erläutert, was 'Der Impfstoff ist „zu 90 Prozent wirksam“' wirklich bedeutet:

This is more than a book review as it already interprets the content. Apparently the book discusses how making everything about individual decisions and optimizations leads to constant feelings of guilt and fear and burnout. Looks like an interesting book although some of the content might not be applicable fully outside of the US.

Russ Allbery: Review: Can't Even

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