Privacy activists running surveys on Mastodon to figure out which tools you use. 🤦

Just came across Exodus which is a audit platform for Android apps:

This is great because you can easily check how many trackers are in any given app. I just checked for my banking app and some others I think about maybe using in the future.

(Hat tip to @glynmoody for boosting a toot about the GO keyboard app which pointed me to this service.)

I also received an email from Google regarding password security. I used this reminder to finally go through all the passwords I've saved with Google over the years and clear them all out. It was a painful process because you have to delete every password manually and because it reminded me of the naive password usage I used to use for too long.

Neue Runde, neues Glück! m(

"Einen Ansatz zum Grundrechteschutz streifen die Autoren der Polizeibehörde nur kurz: [...] "
Wo ist mein überraschtes Gesicht?

"Da der ETSI-Satz schon beschränkt sei, gebe es damit keine "allgemeine und unterschiedslose Vorratsdatenspeicherung", auf die der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) in seiner einschlägigen Rechtsprechung gegen die Maßnahme angespielt habe."

Was geht abgreifen,wie immer.

So, I set up a dedicated Firefox profile which I'll use to visit social media sites which I don't need to noscript-block, e.g. mastodon.

I use a different profile or even a different browser for other content. E.g., I'll keep using Chromium to access youtube.

Let's see how this plays out, whether I'll stick with this or go back to just using a (very much locked-down) single profile in Firefox.

Overcoming "I have nothing to hide" attitude in students by asking them to try to uncover information about random strangers in the public.