Michael Prokop has written a nice overview of the changes to be included in the upcoming bullseye release: michael-prokop.at/blog/2021/05

Just recognized that (stable) does not only ship a package, which contains a very outdated version (62.something). No, they also provide a firefox-esr, which brings at least version 68.something.

I mean, hey, great, they are not only providing a pre-historic firefox, but also an ancient one. But what's the point of providing the pre-historic one? Wouldn't providing an ancient one plus a recent one (firefox-bleeding-edge or some such) be more helpful? And why, for god's sake, isn't the firefox package not simply tracking esr?

Didn't use my workstation for three days and now I have ~300MB updates with a new kernel, base files, systemd and what not. Did I miss a point release?

I wanted to take a look at on my box, but alas it looks like it involves a bit more work than just a simple `apt install`. Too bad there's no simple solution like using a docker image to run podman ... 🤯