My search-fu in F-Droid fails me: is there really no open source process monitor (think top or htop) for Android?

@ddeimeke Das scheint seit Android 7 die Prozessliste nicht mehr zu unterstützen.

@schaueho There is a command shell tool available for Android that comes with top, but I assume you're looking for a standalone app.

@cryptoparty Which one? Top in Termux cannot see processes outside of Termux.

@schaueho Sorry, you're right. I meant Termux, but didn't check the top command.

@schaueho While thinking about it: Is it possible in the first place to have a non-root app showing all processes running on an Android phone? I'd assume that every app runs in its own environment, thus meaning that it can only see its own data and not the stuff running outside.

@cryptoparty Could be, I'm not too clear on how much Android is isolating processes from each other.

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