Can anybody recommend a recent and decent KVM switch? I want to switch between a laptop with USB-C and a more classical PC / workstation. Peripherals consist of a DisplayPort connected monitor and a DVI-D connected one, plus keyboard and mouse.


After searching the net, it seems necessary to be a bit more specific re: my search for a kvm switch. The DVI-D connected monitor has a max resolution of 1920x1200, the DP one 2560x1440. Unfortunately, the first monitor does not have a HDMI slot. Although I'm not playing games on the machine, I would expect support for these screen resolutions at a minimum of 60Hz.

The keyboard I use might also be a little bit problematic, too, as it's a Dygma Raise -- think gaming keyboard taken to some extreme.

Unfortunately, I can't provide too much details on the laptop. Ideally, I would like to sort of use the kvm switch as a kind of docking station for it, connected via USB 3.0/C.

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