This article on the "Death of UML" ( is mourning how agile killed any idea of analysis and design.

But there is nothing stopping you to come up with a good design. Agile simply killed the idea that one time analysis and design is enough ("big design upfront"). You should incorporate feedback to strengthen your analysis and improve your design regularly.

Do you need UML for this? Probably not, but if you find it useful, no one stops you.


I'm really fed up by now with how "agile" is made responsible for everything bad in any given organization or software development effort. The problem is always people and how they interact.

If "agile" really causes some problems in your organization, then please, pretty please, go ahead and change your process for the better.

Ironically, this actually would be entirely in line with "agile", because individuals and interactions over processes, you know?

@schaueho the big problems of Agile, for me, are

1 - it's the consultant company version of the Gospel of Agile, generally very strict and static (...not agile?) in implementation.

But most importantly

2 - the "domains of application" of Agile clearly state not all problems CAN or SHOULD be managed with an Agile process. A (big) company "switching to agile" will force you to anyway, because hey, they paid (a lot) the "Point 1" consultants already!

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