Received my raise today. Feels great from a typing perspective, but will take quite a while time to get used to mostly touch typing and the layer shifting.

You can see my trusted Cherry in the back, which will still be connected until I'm feeling more confident with the Raise.

I think I'll start with letting the two halves of the keyboard connected for the moment and just start to use the extra layers first.

@schaueho Nice!

I just ordered an Atreus keyboard, Cherry brown, can't wait to receive it.

@mdallastella That's also a nice one, but I wanted the ability to pull the sides apart to (hopefully)
ease my back pain. I ordered the dygma also with Cherry Brown btw.

@schaueho @mdallastella I went with the Matias Ergo Pro because I wanted a more normal split keyboard, but I certainly looked at the dygma

@tfb I think I looked at the Matias, too, but was thrown off a little by the elevation -- how is this in daily use?
I actually like the additional keys on the left, I have similar ones on my old Cherry -- they were one of the reasons I bought it back then. However, I never actually use them, so ....

@schaueho I like the reverse incline and it being risen in the center. It takes a couple days to get used to that style, but it's very comfy after you're used to it. But the Matias can also like flat, or be inclined classically.

The keys in the left I hate with a passion. They're hard coded to C-xcy on mine. Fortunately it seems they finally came to their senses and made the keyboard programmable for this year's revision.

@tfb @schaueho I used a couple of non-mechanical split keyboard in the past: a Goldtouch V2 and a Kinesis Freestyle2 but in the end I find myself more comfortable without elevation. I choose the Atreus because it's ortholinear and most important, it's portable.

@mdallastella The dygma actually comes with a nice case to carry it around, although I don't think I'll need it in these wfhome times ... @tfb

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