Mary and Tom Poppendieck would prefer "engineering" over . The main point here is captured in these two quotes:
"Agile has come to mean anything but the fundamental, underlying technical capability necessary to do really good software engineering.” [...] "Being good at things, it seems, is Mary’s current creed. Buzzwords come and go, she repeated, but smart, technical problem-solving will never feel dated."

Unfortunately, I've seen too many engineers with great technical problem-solving skills with a lack of basic understanding of quality (aka "we can fix the problem later") or missing out more or less entirely on social skills. Agile doesn't solve this, but it helps shine a light on the problems this creates (at least, if you're agile approach involves not only standups and story points).

But I agree very much that it's easy to just use these paper stickers and follow the process, while forgetting about technical excellence, good problem understanding and technical solutions. And yes, good engineers should just jump on this, regardless of agile, lean or whatever.

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