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Trust is one of the most important currencies in this pandemic. I cannot understand why #RKI and #IBM are keeping the source code of the current version secret and thereby giving reason for mistrust #nt

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Happy #CIDRDay, everyone!

Today in 1993, Class A, B, and C addresses were deprecated in favor of classless addresses.

28 years ago.

If a computer person talks about Class C addresses, they are not competent

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@changeandroid Eine eigene Mastodon-Instanz zu betreiben ist ja auch ein ganz anderer Schuh, als sich z. B. bei anzudocken. Schön wäre natürlich, wenn lokale Instanzen ( , ,...) von der Stadt in gewisser Weise unterstützt würden. Unser Kontakt zur Stadt steht noch aus - haben anderen bestehende lokale Instanzen sich denn schon mal bei den Städten vorgestellt? Mich würde die Reaktion sehr interessieren!

@fasnix @digitalcourage @netzpolitik_org

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@pinkprius what makes cars convenient isn't the car; it's the infrastructure: the roads, the plows, the parking spaces. Of course if you build the infrastructure for cycling, then cycling becomes convenient.

For the second time in a year I caught a cold, despite wearing a mask in public and keeping my distance. Now, I don't know if FFP2 masks help against rhino viruses. But obviously staying at home not meeting anybody sure worked better.

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RT @fluegellahm
-Nazis plakatieren "Hängt die Grünen!" & bringen Leichenpuppen & Kanzlerkandidierende in Verbindung
-Querdenker tötet Studenten wegen Maskenpflicht
-Polizistin schreibt heimlich Briefe an Attentäter von Halle

& Union & FDP haben Angst vor einem #Linksrutsch, ja?


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So, I'm back from Dune. I took the whole package with 3D glasses, moving/vibrating chair, smoke, smells and other crazy FX stuff.

I had a great time, but the most immersive part of the experience was that I had to wear a face mask the whole time. I felt like a real Fremen.

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"There's nothing as versatile as a knife," the hunter said. "It can shape and divide. It can attack and defend, cut and clean."
"It is a great tool," the witch said, "but I know one that can do all that, and more besides."
"What would that be?"
"A word."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I'm working on upgrading my MNT laptop's trackball (!) which is a bit rough and scratchy, so I'm wondering where to start, and... there, in ~/src/reform, is all the CAD files and schematics for the whole thng. Everything I need. just... there. No fuss, no drama. All computering should be like this.

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"In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, recipes for making soy sauce at home appeared in English and American cookbooks. Since soybeans were not widely available, these recipes used local ingredients such as mushrooms, walnuts, and fish...

Tomato was another popular ingredient for making American "soy" sauce... The names for these varying sauces were "ketchups," or "catch-ups," or "catsups," derived from the Indonesian word for soy sauce: ketjap."

-- "Eight Flavors"

ketchup is soy sauce????????????????

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you wouldn't lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

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"GitHub CLI now supports extensions"

I think we found a new Emacs 😂

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Am I the only one who would like to have the fediverse timelines reversed so that I would scroll downwards? Then I'd scroll in the direction I'm reading and see the beginning of a post first.


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I miss summer already. I used to wake up to the cheery sight of the sun fighting its way around my closed bedroom curtains. Now it's completely dark when I wake up. Soon, I'll be driving to and from work in the dark and only see the sun for a few hours on the weekend.

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I turn on my PC.

The local wildlife are immediately sterilised by the excessive output from my four exposed nuclear reactors running at a critically risky heat output.

The sound of 10,000 cooling fans deafens the city’s morning traffic as my warehouse of 500 parallel-chained AMD Razer Threadrippers bursts into life, forming the equivalent processing power of 2015 in one room.

Nearby, my cluster of Nvidia 5090 Test Cards begins to warp the local time continuum as they calculate answers man was never meant to know.

Very gently, I open Microsoft Teams.

Instantly, the already deafening noise of fans increases to a murderous wail as they try to keep my equipment at operating temperatures. A nuclear reactors’ fusion catches up with its cooling and explodes destroying the lives of millions. The floor begins to melt away as my processors over clocked ten-fold reach critical mass and descend directly into hell. My Nvidia cluster collapses into a singularity and begins to devour the planet.

Quickly now, I open a text chat, it’s a bit laggy.

The sheer struggle of loading some text destroys the remaining systems. Me and my equipment are deleted from reality by an unknown overseer.

Humanity is not ready for instant messaging

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#Matrix users: updates for Element and SchildiChat just hit our repo, containing important security fixes. Please refresh the index in your clients and update ASAP.

#security #updates

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