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I ran into a mail problem that I didn't notice after my recent upgrade to . When I would compose a new mail and send it via opensmtpd over the smarthosts I use, everything was fine. But when I replied to a mail in Emacs with a 'From:' that differs from user-mail-address, Emacs happily just used the latter when handing over the mail to "sendmail" and I think that was not the case before.

I think that's a change in Emacs 27 to the default value of message-sendmail-envelope-from. I can't prove that's the culprit, but the same Emacs/message config was used before the upgrade. Or maybe the newer opensmtpd version is doing some things differently, I don't know. Anyway, setting the variable to 'header fixes things.

Ich weiß ja nicht, was die bei heise für komisches Kraut rauchen, aber einen Artikel über das Usenet mit so einem Absatz einzuleiten, hat es nicht verdient: "Länger als 40 Jahre gibt es das Usenet schon und es hat viele Phasen erlebt: Aktuell wird es als Speicherplatz für illegal verbreitete Musik und Filme genutzt."

Selbst wenn dem so sein sollte (also insgesamt bzgl. der Big 8), ist das immer noch eine Frage, welche Gruppen der nntp-Server offeriert. Es war schon lange so, dass die meisten Server solche Gruppen schlicht nicht anboten.

TIL that there is a new documentation site for :

Looks quite nice, although I do think that the content currently is not particular exciting: it contains the manuals for Emacs, AucTeX, org-mode and magit. I guess it's a start?

Don't forget that Advent of Code will start on Dec, 1st!

If you don't know what it is: it's one coding puzzle per day. The fun is entirely in how you approach a puzzle and the joy when you solve it.

"Die WDR-Journalistin Lisa Altmeier sitzt im ICE nach Berlin. Eine Zugdurchsage ertönt: „Tut mir leid, ab Sachsen dürfen Sie im Bordbistro am Platz nichts mehr bestellen, erst in der Lutherstadt Wittenberg dann wieder.“ So unterschiedlich sind die Corona-Regeln. „Föderalismus in a nutshell“, twittert sie. Flickenteppich Deutschland."

Aus dem lesenswerten elenden Beschreibung Deutschlands in der vierten Welle vom Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

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Requesting open source help

I'm currently working on the documentation for my programming language, KAP. Specifically, I'm writing a tutorial for beginners.

As part of this documentation, I need explain how multi-dimensional work. Ideally, one would start with a 1-dimensional array that everybody understands (just a horizontal serial of boxes with numbers in them).

Then, this could be extended two two dimensions which looks like a table. Taking this to three dimensions implies stacking 2-dimensional tables on top of eachother.

I guess 4-dimensional arrays can be represented by multiple stacks, or something like that.

At some point in the description, it also makes sense to introduce zero-dimensional arrays, i.e. scalar values. That's pretty easy to draw though: It's just a box with a number in it.

Given the above description, if anyone is willing to try to render this as a vector diagram, possibly in SVG form, I'd be happy to provide some monetary compensation for this.

The result with be open sourced of course, as part of the project itself, which is MIT licensed.

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Als wir staatlich geförderte Hotspots verlangt haben, hatten wir eigentlich W-LAN gemeint.

Der nächste Verkehrsminister sieht sich als Anwalt der Autofahrer. Scheuer so:"Schön, dass die Ampel meine Arbeit der letzten Jahre fortsetzt". Genau mein Humor, liebe Grüne! Kannste dir nicht ausdenken sowas.

Künftiger FDP-Minister provoziert Grüne: Anwalt der Autofahrer -

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I just want you guys to know that the multiple *years* I've had my music on Spotify and iTunes have still made me less money than the first two weeks of the same albums on Bandcamp.

Please support artists directly if you can.

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Public money, public code: Das Bekenntnis zu Open Source - eine unserer zentralen Forderungen an eine couragierte Digitalpolitik - im #Koalitionsvertrag begrüßen wir ausserordentlich. #Opensource #publicmoneypubliccode

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@stevenroose @dachary @fedeproxy

#ForgeFriends allows one instance of #gitea to seamlessly interoperate with another instance via proxies.

@gitea is the first #forge that's adding #ActivityPub support. When in a later stage #Gitlab or #SourceHut join, then from your own Gitea account you participate in a gitlab repo. You don't need to leave your own environment, and the barrier to contribute elsewhere is significantly lower.

Note that this starts with issue tracking but can be much extended.

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updated my finger client to support finger:// URIs

going to email the author of this draft spec, which was written 26 years ago. together, I believe we can get it finalized and continue the #finger revival

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What do I view as being toxic?

* Insist everyone must want to put time into customizing their computers.

* Insist every Linux user (or worse computer user) needs to understand how computers work.

People may have other things to do!

* Villify software projects you don't like; You don't have to use them! systemd haters can have their own distros!

Often a fossbro will villify a project for hiding configuration options...

* Telling others "just fork it" and/or villifying subsequent forks.


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@libreleah I now wrote a reply to the article:

Because I learned the hard way that a comment written somewhere usually gets lost in noise.

Please use the “or any later” option of the GPL. There is already considerable damage from GPLv2-only licensing.

We once spent enormous effort in a process that took several years to move Mercurial from GPLv2-only to GPLv2-or-later to enable compatibility with the Apache license. Such problems will come again if you use GPLv3-only.

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Für die echte Hospitalisierungsinzidenz hat unser Hörer ein Tool gebaut. Es prognostiziert den tatsächlichen Wert anhand vergangener nachträglicher Korrekturen durch das RKI. Und liegt heute bei 11,14. Die Werte werden ständig aktualisiert

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