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Hello I'm a freshly arrived , with interests in , -architecture and .

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Dein 500€-Schein muss weg. Wegen "Terrorabwehr". Deine Autobahn werden überwacht. Wegen "Terrorabwehr". Du darfst kein Taschenmesser mehr tragen. Wegen "Terrorabwehr". Du wirst 6 Monate ohne Anklage eingeknastet. Wegen "Terrorabwehr".

Am 26. Mai geh ich wählen. Terrorabwehr.

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HTML5 ping tracking – Firefox :firefox: will enable it by default:

– HTML5 ping attributes can be used to track people if they click a link (<a href=… ping=…>) by sending POST requests to an arbitrary amount of hosts
– tracking is possible without any JavaScript, or Cookies
– Steve Gibson talked about it in Security Now 709:
– ping is enabled in Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari by default

#html5 #ping #tracking #firefox #mozilla

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Nachdem nun Chrome, Edge, Safari und Opera schon die Privatsphäre beim Surfen im Netz weiter absenken, will Mozilla da natürlich nicht fehlen.

"Mozilla plans to enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking by Default in Firefox"

Großartig! Ob die Funktion "browser.send_pings" in der about:config beeinflussbar bleibt, wird sich noch zeigen.

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Here's a reminder that Facebook owns Instagram - they left millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted on internal servers, just like they did with Facebook accounts.

Stay safe, don't re-use passwords!

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“What’s your favorite fiction book?”

Me: JavaScript, the Good Parts

Es ist dunkel, der Tank ist fast leer und ich trage keine Sonnenbrille. Dafür ist das Ziel nach 500km, 6.5h Stunden Fahrt inkl. 1.5h Stau erreicht.

Replacing Common Code With clojure.set Function Calls

Interesting article. I've never looked into `clojure.set/index` or some of the other not-so-classical set functions.

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Happy birthday to LISP 🎉

First unveiled in the 1960 paper titled "Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine"

Using emscripten and WebAsm to run in the browser for data science. What a horrible abomination of technology.

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This is another reason why even so-called end-to-end encrypted password managers are not fool-proof. Use an off-line version of KeepassX, back up the data file on a cloud file storage such as Mega (preferably put the kdbx file inside a password-protected 7zip file or something like that).

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Coming in the next Cursive build, prompted by @roman01la to finish off an idea I’ve had for a while - pasting HTML into Cursive will now (with a confirmation) convert to hiccup automatically:

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"We need more chefs, not more recipe followers." Dave Snowden talking about Complex Adaotive Systems at DDD 2018.

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The first #scicloj meeting in all of its glory! We talked about the stack and the brand new cljplot. If you care about data science & #Clojure take a look at this:

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5 lessons learned from the breach:

– purely focusing on technical security causes insecurity
– the cause of the breach isn’t limited to at all
– think twice about using any service on the internet
– think twice about running your own server on the internet
– react to any security-related messages

#matrix #serversecurity #vulnerability #lessonslearned #goodpractices #responsibility #webserver #server #infosec #security #cybersecurity

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"The human's decisions were based on an unbroken straight line chain of 85 million years of "I am the primate who did not get eaten", layered with decades of fine motor control trailing. Whereas the AI based its decisions on whatever ad hoc junk a bunch of low-paid contractors dumped into the training set over a period maybe as long as 18 months.

So they're building an AI whose goal is to lie to you -- to build your confidence in decisions made by AIs.

We are so completely doomed."

- JWZ - "Frogger AI Explains Its Decisions"
Sometimes I wonder if everybody lives in startup land or has super engineering power. Sigh.

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