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„Pssst!“, flüsterte mir dieser polnische Käsekuchen heute zu. „Wenn man „Stressed“ rückwärts spricht, kommt „Desserts“ dabei raus.“ #cakefacts

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Just read a post asking Eugen to resign from developing Mastodon and I really have to ask: what are you folks smoking?

It’s his project. It’s open source. Fork it if you want to. But what kind of mind-blowing sense of entitlement drives you to think you can tell someone they should stop working on something they’ve built?


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I think @gargron is making a big mistake here by signaling his intent to phase out the local timeline :

Besides debates about what "diverse" means, it's taking away a major incentive for people to start and maintain an instance.

Starting an instance to host a community is appealing to some people.

Starting an instance to do free IT for a distributed server farm of homogeneous instances seems like a hard sell.

TIL how to reduce the size of a logical volume (lvm). Just because I wanted to install a python package via pip and pip ran out of disc space on /tmp.

While this is all nice and fine, I actually had learned to learn something else instead today (which was related to the package I tried to install).

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Does anyone have experience with diskless Linux systems booting from iSCSI using iBFT, and multipath setups?

I have a setup that works in principle, but sometimes hangs multipathd when disabling one of the paths. I'm kind of wondering if multipathd might run into a race condition when it tries to write own status information and the path being used goes offline - and then is blocked until the write times out? Can't quite make out the source of the problem right now.

#Linux #iSCSI #multipathd

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Let's talk about Common Lisp Recipes, 2nd Edition. What changes and additions would you like to see in it?

Boosts welcome.

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@zacchiro i can't find the original source any more, but i think somebody made this for me

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Die Studie »Deceived by Design« ist eine Pflichtlektüre für alle Google-, Microsoft-, Facebook- und Co.-Nutzer. Darin wird das Prinzip des Nudging erklärt, das Tech-Konzerne gerne »missbrauchen«, um den Nutzer hinsichtlich seiner Datenschutz-Entscheidungen zu manipulieren.

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As was pointed out in our previous post, the root cause of approximately 70% of security vulnerabilities that Microsoft fixes and assigns a CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) are due to memory safety issues.

Actually, the C in CVE stands for C.

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So many good, short snippets made me smile.
"Reddit … HN … Lobsters … is basically the new usenet. Except proprietary and centralized. … a lot of writing is still happening on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta. They killed a whole generation’s worth of Internet and that generation is still stuck in there. … a lot of today’s writing … presented … as podcasts or video essays." – @Sandra gemini://

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Shame. 😔

Shame is what I expect to grow day by day for every FOSS project staying on Microsoft services. It's like environment protection projects holding meetings on an oil-rig.

Sounds crazy? Then try adding bug reports, feature requests or comments to projects on github without a Microsoft account – any you'll see the insanity of the situation.

#LeaveGithubAlready #codeberg #foss #freesoftware

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@joeyh I consider HN to be actively harmful. So much groupthink, so little experience. Latest example: someone posted my article there and I got a ton of uninformed comments. So I wrote to elaborate and got more uninformed hate from HN. But it is far from just me. @ngate 's hilarious and sadly on-point "webshit weekly" from is a fun and sad read.

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You don't know you have backups until you've successfully restored from them.

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Oh, hello... could it be that native full-mesh Matrix video conferencing is on the horizon at last?!? featuring a 3x3 matrix of as he demos his brainchild :D

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Yes, @sakkara, and it’s called git-send-email. Linux, PostgreSQL are some popular projects that follow this federation model. More recently there’s also which integrates CI/CD with mailing lists and enables normal developers to enjoy modern workflows while does not try to lock in contributors.

GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea, etc. however invent their own mechanisms where Git’s role is barely a Merkle DAG storage. @dachary is working on @fedeproxy to work around this by applying ActivityPub (among other things) on top of those services though.

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Exciting progress on making #Gitea full-blown member of the #fediverse

With 5k Euro already available for #foss contributors, a grant application to get #funding is being prepared.

#NGI is a likely grant to apply for, stimulating cross-atlantic EU/US collaboration.

#Golang developers once again take note!

This is your opportunity to work on a great project and part of initiative driven by #fedeproxy that'll focus on federating even more code forges.

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Firefox may have lost up to 12% of its users in 2021. We're once again in danger of a single browser dominating the web as in the days of IE. What's worse is that Chrome is owned by a glorified advertisement company.

The Internet is just too important for Google to become the de facto gatekeeper.

And the fact that Chrome is open source really doesn't matter here. Google has tight control over the project. Maintaining a fork would require a herculean effort.

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Wie mich die NINA-Warnapp vor der Flutkatastrophe kurz vor der Evakuierung "gewarnt" hat:

"Hochwasserinformation Rheinland-Pfalz - Hochwasserbericht Nr. (xy). Betroffene Regionen: Rheinland Pfalz"

Es folgten Links, die sich nicht anklicken ließen.

Ich hatte mich in dieser Situation ein bisschen verarscht gefühlt...

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