@spun_off jsyk, i moved to @sinnohs on birdsite! i already followed you but you didn't frq back ;;

@amiloradovsky i maintain one for Legacy reasons but now that they've limited tweet retrieval to only the last 3200, it's totally dead to me

*thanos snaps my fingers* after 45k tweets it's high time i do this, before i start jobhunting

i should make it so that ~not everything~ i post here is mirrored to birdsite and vice versa because i tailor my content to where i am, and have different audiences

if this gets 100 rts ill buy this and unironically wear it

rebelling against the status quo by installing gnu octave

you're only a real one if back in the xp days you had a custom cursor

mother 3 never fails to bring me to tears

someone who's seen more than these in the wild make a full chart of these, i am BEGGING you

lawful good: .cpp, .hpp OR .h
true neutral: .cxx, .hxx
chaotic evil: .c++, .hh

for anyone curious: github.com/ix/lazyboy
the project continues to evolve, right now i have some unpublished commits on graphics functionality that i'm smoothing out some bugs in.

star gets to see the ending to mother 3 tonight too. they're gonna cry, i'm sure of it.

now i just have to ace that resit exam. it's all on matrices, so i should be able to cram for it before early july. i don't give up that easily!

well the good news is lazyboy got me an A! it could've been better had i wrote some tests in time but hey, i did a project in haskell for my degree. i'm happy.

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