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Fuck I hate Medium so much. The way they present that annoying popup asking you to sign in, the stupid massive headers and footers that reduce the reading area, the way they present low-res images that take forever to load when you scroll through an article quickly.

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im a slut for geometry! i want that d(odecahedron)

oh heck yeah. we're in dire need of code blocks and syntax highlighting on mastodon, and i think that'd be what finally convinces me birdsite has no future.

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Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

i wrote about my experiences with representing comparisons in my edsl through typeclasses

identifying not as a hacker but as a hackette because it sounds adorable and completely nonthreatening, thus solving the problem of being associated with crackers in a manner true to the hacker spirit

whoever decided to corrupt bun/bunny to bune is an absolute genius

i love that in macos's japanese IME you can write the name of an emotion and keep scrolling down the suggestions list to find kaomoji (´;ω;`)

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wow i can't believe microsoft added support for iterm2 themes to the new windows console

viewing the federated timeline is harmful to your state of mind but it's still better than birdsite

clustering algorithms are cool, i just implemented k-means

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just found out gnu is about some nerd ass software and not an epic wild animal. im MEGA pissed.

the milestones of dating another girl, ranked

seeing her place for the first time ❌
going out for a fancy meal ❌
seeing her taste in text editor theme ✔️

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the security implications of the models with cameras inbuilt are also not good. not that having a smartphone in my pocket most of the time is any better, but we're living in hell as far as privacy goes.

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