black lives matter and if you have any semblance of a problem with me stating this, get the fuck out, i don't care if you think it's "cringe" or what, just go

"show your working out" says the exam paper. i stand up from my desk, and begin to perform repetitions of lifting it over my head while maintaining good form

mark zuckerberg - porn site 'fuckbook' creator - thinks fact-checking social media posts is unimportant

what a great fucking day it is when the president of the united states gets shadowbanned by twitter

good morning! look at this beautiful abomination.

any questions? before i do any more, i want to find a nice test framework to encode the laws.

big development: the implementations for strings AND std::list can be replaced with a single implementation for the range concept from <ranges>

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unfortunately if your concept isn't defined after all variations of the function it references, it fails to compile, which makes this completely useless in practice, but hey, it works

i guess the real problem with this is implementing (right word?) concepts for STL classes, so they should be functions, not methods...?

owning cppreference by being stupid enough to try things it says you can't do, proving you can

characters whose hearts are in the right place but their brains aren't 🥰

i just saved a bumblebee from drowning in my toilet AMA

someone link me that komaeda tiktok with the terraria music PLEASE

reason there's a global facemask shortage is because there's too many two-faced bitches

the ultimate UX sin is having buttons that don't actually do anything, like a download that says "coming soon"

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