broke: rainbow parentheses extensions

woke: an extension that changes all parentheses into the "new" confetti from the new 2ds/3ds logo

hahaha :) that was a hilariously funny GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT, do send more

yeah ssris are great but they can't provide the endorphine rush of reducing a piece of code to use a kleisli composition operator

the most fucked up thing that we, as a society need to address, is that some programs now use Ctrl-Shift-Z for redo instead of Ctrl-Y

same 10,000 line file open in notion and notewell. also pictured: notewell's newly-introduced theming syntax.

things i would like: a web service to generate a dash/velocity/zeal docset from a given hackage package

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hey so does anyone know something like but for software? i need to be able to take payments, provided binaries for download and let users who've paid have access to the newest versions.

i wish devdocs or zeal or velocity supported hackage. dash supports it but it's macos exclusive. while the docsets are apparently portable, i've had no results in trying to generate them and get them working. what a pain.

i'm onto the second (and final) interview stage for a haskell job, which is very exciting.

when we hit 1.0 i'm taking advantage of the build process being hell by charging $2.99 for binaries but releasing the source under BSD3

look at this resource usage. this is everything i dreamed of.

is there a way to disable cursor blinking in a gtk app? this should be enforced by the app itself and not global.

i think what i want most right now as the "big next step" is further developments in human-computer interfaces, firstly because of their potential to aid people with disabilities in communication and other areas, and also because i fear arthritis and RSI as a software developer.

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