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So, guys. Is OpenAPI already supported in Rust ecosystem? Or do I have to write clients manually like a total pleb? :comfythinkglare:

Does anyone use Xen these days for something fun other than Qubes?

Does any of you know a way to have CVE alerts in Slack?

Nix is shit. It just doesn't work as a build system for any project larger than hello world. And its users somehow resemble a weird cult that is trying to turn the whole world into Nix.

Fuck this shit.

What VSCode extension would you guys recommend for Erlang and Elixir development?

Wait, does VSCode really not support workspaces with more than one programming language involved? Or am I stupid?

Asked a question in on freenode about A.
Was told I don't need A, I need A+B+C+D+E all at once.


Pick your poison, guys

*screams in horror*

I noticed that some tests in our project don't work when run manually from terminal but work fine in CI. After digging, I found that our nix code runs sed over those tests in order to fix input data file paths.

Did anyone do any research around MLS (Message Layer Security)?

It would be awesome to replace email protocols with something based on this, but the proposal hasn't been moving anywhere for the past two years. I'm wondering whether it will gain any traction at all.

There is an LSP server for bash. It's implemented in TypeScript. That's all I have to say for today.

Sorry for not posting here for a while. I'm kinda busy on Stereophonic. Feel free to follow me there, although there isn't much functional programming or programming at all involved.


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