Asked a question in on freenode about A.
Was told I don't need A, I need A+B+C+D+E all at once.


@pureevil What do you mean by "typical"? Out of curiosity: what do you want to know about "A"? Maybe here you get help.

@janriemer nah, I figured it out already. The question was how to replace try!() with ? in my rust code without reformatting everything else. The advice I was given was to configure rustfmt, even though I stated a number of times it was a lot more tedious and I’d end up changing sometimes else in the process.

@janriemer and by typical I mean it’s a typical response in tech.

“How do I do A?”
“You don’t need A, you need B and C and D.”

@pureevil Ah, ok, I see, thanks for clarifying.

But maybe there is actually no other way than doing A, B and C, when you want A?! But you are right, in those situations, the one giving advice should at least say: "It is not possible to just do A. You need A, B and C".

When I'm writing this, it rather feels like a limit in the technology itself. 😮

@janriemer this may be true, but I get responses like this even when it is quite possible. Like in my case, I found a way while arguing on IRC :P And it was a lot easier than configuring rustfmt.

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