@mdallastella ohey!
Is there a block list used here on It seems that avatars aren't properly federated, at least from users.

@pureevil I think shitposter is blocked, but I'm not in front of a computer and I'm not 100% sure.

@mdallastella if so, may I ask why? They are the good guys and their admin,, is a cool dude.

@pureevil Just checked. We had a couple of reports round 2018 about toots from one was a dick picture with no content warning and one was a hate speech so we silenced the instance (not blocked)...
I don't know if things are changed there, we could try to give them another chance. @phoe what do you think?

@mdallastella @pureevil IMO Silencing them is, I think, a good balance. If they're unsilenced, sooner or layer there will be a new reason to silence them again, given the nature of their instance and their behavior so far as mentioned by @mdallastella.

@pureevil @phoe actually, isn't silcenced nor blocked by So I don't know what to say...

@mdallastella @phoe there might be issues with federating media from it. I've no clue, but everything seems fine on stereophonic side.

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