@lain @amiloradovsky this clearly should be made into a feature

@pureevil @lain @amiloradovsky I had the opposite bug in a scheme compiler: if it successfully compiled your files into byte code, it would delete the sources (but leave the byte-assembly files).

@pureevil @lain @amiloradovsky I like delete-on-success because it means you have an artifact, no need to keep that pesky source around. If you had an error, go fix it.

@tfb @lain @amiloradovsky this goes well together with the code as art metaphor. If your code is perfect, no need for any more modifications, hence no need for source code.

@pureevil @lain @amiloradovsky Oh you thought you were a painter, not a performance artist?

@tfb @lain @amiloradovsky not me in particular, but yes, something like that.

@pureevil @lain @amiloradovsky Right right, I meant that's the attitude of the source-deleting compiler 😸

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