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Microsoft: We don’t have good press because of our long time partnership with a organization who put people in concentration camps before deporting them. How can we improve that?

Marketing team: Lets make a tool with the same name to hijack the search results

Microsoft: Brilliant!

The text is all done and clocks at 66.5 kB of Markdown. Waiting for the last few reviews before it's out.

Inspiration: The Cranberries.

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~8400 words in two days is kinda a lot of . Especially when you're writing about . No, not code - about the Common Lisp programming ecosystem in general.

Gosh, my brain is fried.

New article tomorrow. Stay tuned.

The weirdness comes when the platform is unpopular enough that competing visions can come from individuals. Technical decisions become a lot more personal. "You personally are forcing work on me to make me stay relevant" becomes a thing. This sort of thing happens constantly in other programming languages but there's more people to absorb blame.

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In Timmons writes that #CommonLisp has no community, just a bunch of smaller communities organized around projects.

He finds this upsetting, but I don't think this is unusual for languages or any kind of technical platform. People invest in the platform itself. of course (thanks sbcl maintainers!), but those standing on the platform are off doing their own thing, almost always.

coinbros being stupid enough to be dangerous 

@rysiek Check the story closer - they're entertaining the idea of scanning the book page by page, and selling pages (or subsections) as NFTs, and *burn the actual physical copy* as to make NFTs "more valuable".

coinbros doing a stupid, hilarious 

Cryptobros win an auction for Jodorowsky's "Dune" concept art compendium in book form:

They paid ~100× the estimated price. And they think buying this book gives them the necessary rights to make a series based on it. 🤣

I mean, shouldn't NFT bros know everything about copyright and imaginary property?

I cannot stop laughing.

@rysiek @phoe agreed, this makes me happy in a weird way

i wonder what other forms of visual art would work with source code as the subject

@phoe I can't tell if it's cursed or blessed but it's definitely something for an exposition

@phoe this is so far one of my favourite somewhat-long-running threads on fedi.

Thank you.

woop, indenting Lisp is hard - let me have another try at this page tomorrow, I'm calling it a day for tonight

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bdwgc === budweiser gc

change my mind

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