I never imagined that I would ever be refactoring, extending and fixing the famous SPLIT-SEQUENCE system.

github.com/phoe-trash/split-se <- that's my WIP fork. I'm optimizing some things and fixing the bug where SPLIT-SEQUENCE has quadratic complexity on lists.

Holy cow. I've done it.

My PR for updating SPLIT-SEQUENCE to version 2.0.0: github.com/sharplispers/split-

This was the best Lisp marathon I have ever run. A full day of coding, resulting in this thing.

@phoe This is great! Thanks for finally doing this long needed overhaul!



A short writeup I've made: nl.movim.eu/?blog/phoe%40movim

Will write more tomorrow. Enjoy a screenshot for now. And a 1000x+ speedup, as demonstrated above.

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