How does phone unlocking work? I had a phone that I was using with FreedomPop for a while. After getting a new phone and switching providers, I flashed the old one with Lineage without unlocking first. I have tried resetting the device to get back to the original device so that I can unlock the phone, but no dice.

Is phone unlocking a client-side operation? Or perhaps phones always just request their providers to unlock the service to the phone? I'm hoping the latter, but I feel like it is more an attribute of the phone.

Ahh, there is an export feature, which produces a .txt file with JSON in it. This would probably be a bad file to get into the wrong hands.

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I've been running NoScript for a while now. Maybe I should take a break. Does anyone know a way I can save all of my NoScript data so that when I come back I don't have to approve things again?

They say computers are faster than our brains, but too often I'm waiting for my computer to do what I want it to. When using a web browser, I'm usually 4 or 5 steps ahead of my computer. If my internet experience could keep up with my brain, I think I would be way less frustrated with computers than I am. This is probably why I like the terminal so much, because it can usually keep up with me.

Looking at you Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft for your browsers, IDEs, and word processors.

One feature the gmail UI does that is nice is the "unsubscribe" button at the top of marketing emails. It's not the unsubscribe link that a lot of them will include at the bottom of their emails, so I don't have to trust that the email is legitimate.

Anybody know how they are able to make it work? Is there an unsubscribe protocol for marketing emails? I feel like this would be something useful for clients like mutt and aerc

For users, you might find this command useful:

nix-env --upgrade -A nixos

This is an alternative to the simpler `nix-env --upgrade` that doesn't require waiting 10 minutes for nothing to happen. Note that in place of `nixos`, you can put any attribute path. By specifying the toplevel attribute, I am able to update the entire channel. (I would have to do this with `unstable` if I have any unstable packages, since those are from another channel).

I have been thinking for a while that programming language syntax should be irrelevant for the language. That is, something like coffeescript that doesn't change the language much should be able to be used individuals even when no one else working on the project is.

One way I have thought of doing isas follows:

Let A be the majority syntax, and B be the minority syntax that I personally want to use. The version control repositories store code in A, but my working tree rests in B except temporarily for commit and fetch-related operations. Obviously, there would need to be some tools to make syntax conversion easy and low friction; does anyone know if git hooks could make this workflow all automatic?

Found this table of different sets of metasyntactic variables. (i.e. foo, bar, baz, ...). Note the Ines by Lewis Carroll at the end.

I have been frustrated of late by the magnitude of effort required to express even small thoughts. Arming the simplest assertion requires building oneself a bunker in which to take cover if the listener should respond ill. Those who wish their assertions to have a positive effect have the extra burden of creating barriers around their listener to ensure the proper rebound trajectory.

My suspicion is that this travesty is not solvable. It is best instead to acknowledge its existence by making simpler assertions and building stronger barriers. A little progress is better than backward progress.

I'm wondering what the best strategy for getting something done when I don't feel like it. Should I expend extra energy to force myself to do it? Or should I just wait until I do feel like it, since then it will probably get done better and more quickly. I suppose it largely depends on the urgency of the thing to be done, as well as what else that thing is blocking.

Some may say that hard problems should be solved first; to some degree I would agree with that, but I think it is wiser to work on easy tasks if motivation for hard ones is lacking but you know it will eventually come.

I just learned that :TOhtml is a vim command that converts the current buffer into an html file, with syntax highlighting colors included. Very cool. @vim

Don't tell bad programmers on your team to fix their bad formatting. It's a useful signal to be extra alert while reading their code.

"Not all yak-shaving is created equal",
"The yak-shaving is always greener on the other side",
"Yak-shaving is eating the world",
and other true things

83 should be the reserved http code for "Disney Plus error"

@arianvp My research into solving this problem has led me to a GitHub issue that you've participated in. It was closed, and seems a little unrelated, but perhaps you could give a pointer?

vkcube also segfaults.

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question: why does running vulkaninfo yield VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED?

Who needs an alarm to wake up? I just wait until my air mattress deflates enough that I hit the ground.

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