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Déplacer un personnage dans un jeu vidéo, c'est simple comme un Dikjstra ! (Plus simple que de l'épeler en tout cas.)

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"Why should I use X over Y?" is pretty much always the wrong question to ask. In fact most people asking that it are just interested in making an argument against something rather than finding out possible benefits of a proposed alternative. If you are genuinely interested in something asking "How/Why do YOU use that?" is a far more productive question to ask and it might actually help you gaining a new perspective on things.

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Hey 😺

Les derniers mois ont été chargés et forts en émotions, que ce soit avec le confinement ou les bugs sur notre ancien serveur qui nous ont obligé à effectuer un double migration.
Ceci dit, en parallèle, nous avons vu nos dons grimper et nous sommes heureux de voir que nous arrivons enfin à un équilibre financier.

Nous tenons à remercier toutes les personnes qui nous aident financièrement ou en donnant leur avis sur nos services ! Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien.

Plein de ❤️ sur vous !

“Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2” contains potentially groundbreaking discoveries, but is apparently not peer-reviewed. Anyone more knowledgeable than me has an opinion on the article?

When I created the “To read” tag in Zotero I knew from the start that “To read” papers would only accumulate with time

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Getting reports from people in Indonesia that they're unable to access Things look fine from where we are, but they're getting this error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Anyone have experience verifying if this is indeed censorship happening, and if so, working around it? Retoots appreciated!

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Les goélands abattent leur premier drone !

Devant le Conseil d'État, nous venons de gagner notre référé-liberté contre les #drones de l'état d'urgence sanitaire.

Cette décision historique devrait avoir des conséquences sur l'ensemble des drones policiers.

On revient vers vous rapidement pour détailler la décision et ses conséquences envisageables.

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Hey #guixters !

I am facing annoying issue with software installed with #Guix on foreign distro (#Ubuntu 20.04 here)

Does anyone knows how to fix this ? (screenshots of #Emacs and #Meld)

#gnu #font #icon #gnome

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Selon une étude américaine, ne pas savoir interpréter des statistiques est une maladie touchant 100% des journalistes

Seriously though where do the cool font people hang out

: I read that there is no italic correction in math mode but that seems weird

For one thing, math fonts have italic corrections

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“Did you anticipate TeX’s global acceptance or its ability to endure?

TeX was only supposed to be for my secretary and myself.”


It’s becoming kinda frustrating to work completely alone on this project (math typesetting in SILE).

On the other hand, I understand that practically everyone will judge the task too big, for too little benefit

Okay so doing the slides for this quick in-lab talk with LibreOffice was a mistake

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