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Je cherche à conserver une archive de mes pouets. J’ai trouvé qui a l’air pas mal. Est-ce que vous avez d’autres suggestions ?

All classic Beamer themes look kinda… old?
Any nice, modern-looking themes you'd recommend? I like Metropolis¹ but I fear that its contrast might be too low for some people.


Mon laboratoire veut se débarrasser d'une dizaine d'écrans Samsung SyncMaster T220. Vu leur poids (6 kg) et leur résolution (1680 x 1050, faible pour les standards modernes) on doute qu'ils intéressent quelqu'un, mais si une association les veut et peut les transporter (région parisienne sud) n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

Math font adventures 

I’ve been obsessing over why integral subscript and superscripts look ugly in and not in LuaTeX, although I respect the OpenType standard.

Then I found a paragraph in LuaTeX’s manual that basically says “Yeah their placement should use the font kerning parameters, but not all fonts implement that so we just tweak the positioning parameters in a non-standard way to make integrals look nice.”


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@otini GNU Coding Standards recommend to use the form feed character (a.k.a. \f) to separate large blocks of code within a file, e.g. procedures or records. Not as much because it facilitates printing, but because the diffs look better when empty line is not the only separator, and later merge conflicts are less likely.

I want to patch Frama-C before building it but oooh well I don’t remember how to do it by heart and the dependency I wanted to add (mlcuddidl) doesn't exist in ocamlPackages for some reason…

And on the other hand opam doesn't work in NixOS, so total failure

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NixOS life is being unable to build a program like everyone else does, and being too dumb to build it in the correct NixOS fashion.

People using ;; in OCaml.

Yes, in principle, it can lead to more relevant error messages. But really, I can’t help it, it frustrates me to see them.

is an impressive piece of software. If you're not familiar with it: you give it a C file that exhibits a bug, or some other interesting property (you specify a shell script that returns 0 only if the file is interesting). It then proceeds to shorten the file considerably.

I had a 10 kLOC file on which my analyzer showed buggy behaviour, CReduce shrinked it by 99.6 % 😅 (so far)

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1.1 toujours pas disponible dans la plupart des distros Linux, c’est quand même extrêmement triste…

Generalization of artifact publication in computer science is truly a good thing. I was able to compare my static analysis method to that of a POPL 2017 paper on the very same programs, thanks to that.

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A colleague of mine is trying to teach me some #prolog, but I would prefer to not have to use the Eclipse extension. Does anyone know another usable interpreter?

Boost appreciated

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#FOSDEM succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely #FreeSoftware (#OpenSource).

Big thanks to the #FOSDEM and the #Matrix team!

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Stages of debugging: (1) That can't happen. (2) That doesn't happen on my machine. (3) That shouldn't happen. (4) Why does that happen? (5) Oh, I see. (6) How did that ever work? -- M.W.Cremer

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I intend to switch from sway to awesome (mostly due to issue with sharing screen). To do that, I need to port my keyr daemon ( to X11. It’s basically a keylogger which counts keystrokes.

I am looking for a simple keylogger program to start with, similar to but for X11.

Any suggestion Mastodon?

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Why Sci-Hub matters: new empirical study shows that "articles downloaded from Sci-Hub were cited 1.72 times more than papers not downloaded from Sci-Hub...the number of downloads from Sci-Hub was a robust predictor of future citations"

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I am surprised that , despite its many qualities, is able to automatically shorten journal names but not conference names 😕
(You know, the famous Princ. of Program. Lang.)

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