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The real part of every non-trivial zero of the Riemann zeta function is one half. True or false?

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Just discovered this beautiful choir song.

It's about the NSA, and it's great.

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Le problème est corrigé, nous sommes maintenant sur #Riot 1.0.0

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@otini Wow, "conceallevel" in vim is amazing for rendering readable math in LaTeX. I had no idea this existed.


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Do you use tail -f ?
Love those annoying "are you watching" messages on Netflix?
Ever thought.. gee I wish I could combine both these things?

You wish has come true with tailflix!

I'm using the perf profiling tool for the first time. Is there a reason why the top line has its “Children” field equal to 24 % and not 100 % ?

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still proud of this #ocaml #crossStitch, but every time I visit it my desire to frame it properly grows

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Besoin d’aide en Coq Show more

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Life hack: to achieve your page count, just paste the deduction rules and axioms from your slides into your paper.
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Nouvel article ou je vous raconte tout sur le package Siunitx pour l’écriture des nombres et des unités dans LaTeX. Depuis le temps que je voulais le sortir celui-là. \o/
C’est long, c’est dense mais il y a l’essentiel et ça sera toujours plus court que les 100 pages de la doc (passionnantes par ailleurs). 😉
Vous n’aurez plus d’excuses maintenant pour mal orthographier les unités : fini les °K, les Km/H ou autres Kg. 😛
#TeX #LaTeX #Typo #Math

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 347 nodes, descending 56 nodes down.

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We'd need a GUI that supports smooth scrolling. That's probably not easy to do from a design point of view though, because I guess Vim sends ncurses-style display updates with a granularity of one text line.

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“One year ago, Google chose to invest in France.”

What about they pay their taxes before you thank them ?

Episode 1: the CNIL (national commission of information technology and liberties) fines Google 50 million euros for violation of the GDPR.

Episode 2: five hours later, the presidential Twitter account posts a video advertising the 100,000 Google-funded training sessions to digital tools in France.

Can't be a coincidence. Great message.

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What could go wrong ?

February 2017 article : "The 2012 French elections were under CIA surveillance"

2019 Article : "[in addition to Telegram] The Head of State* would also exchange a lot via his Gmail address"

*E. Macron, the current French President
Screenshot_2019-01-15 Les élect…
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