For an exam, I have a list of students’ marks, do you know how to make a histogram of them with LibreOffice Calc? By histogram I mean how many students got 0, how many got 1, etc. and plot that.

@otini You need to make a two-columns/rows table associating the marks with the number of studients with that mark first, then plot that table, though I don't know how to produce the first step if your table lists the students and their marks (there is probably a formula counting the number of occurences of a given value in a selection).

@amiloradovsky @Feufochmar That's an interesting suggestion, thank you. However, for this time, I finally succeeded in working my way around LibreOffice’s clumsy interface and applied the FREQUENCY function correctly to get my histogram data.

@otini @Feufochmar OK, good.
I usually find it more difficult to navigate the GUIs than reading the manuals for the scripting languages and their utilities.

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