“Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2” contains potentially groundbreaking discoveries, but is apparently not peer-reviewed. Anyone more knowledgeable than me has an opinion on the article?

@otini why do you think they are groundbreaking (authors claim results were expected)?

@kmicu Well I've never heard of them, and the French government puts a lot of emphasis on wearing masks in public places nowadays, and according to the results it is not necessary

@kmicu in outdoor public places, I mean. The risk seems negligible in that case.

@otini roger. Personally I see paper’s measurements touching only a narrow topic. There’s also a social impact from normalizing wearing masks and situations when ‘I only went outdoor and forget about mask but now I want to pop into a shop (indoors) just for a second, what’s the harm’ and similar. So even though paper states that spread outdoors is minimal (when maintaining a distance) I don’t see that as a sufficient analysis of the multidimensional topic.

Not a domain expert so safely ignore 😺

@otini (Basing a policy on a paper using data reported by Chinese gov can be difficult to defend too, but that’s more of a political issue.)

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