hacking: finally got around to writing a little grammar for writing math in a TeX-like style (left) rather than in MathML directly (right).
Which one do you prefer? 😜

(and yes, my equation is wildly unbalanced; I've never been much of a chemist.)

@otini C'est qu'H₂PO₄ existe pas, ça devrait être H₂PO₄⁻

@typochon Si on peut pas construire les molécules qu'on veut en plus… il est vraiment difficile à prendre en main, ce jeu

@otini wtf mathml I didn't know how much tex spoiled me, surely no one writes that directly? D:

@wdtz Probably not! I guess MathML is intended with automated generation and parsing in mind. Also, MathJax uses MathML (or something very close) as its internal representation. And so does SILE.

@wdtz (and math rendering engines in Web browsers take MathML as input, too)

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