Trying out today as an alternative to . I want to see how it compares with .

Well, after reading the manual, it looks extremely promising and already usable, including to do complex things such as side notes or parallel, two-column bilingual texts.

Also, the frame system (to define a layout model for pages) looks both usable and powerful. Minor changes of the output aspect (fonts, page size, margins) seem easy to do.

Of course I would need to actually use it now, in order to have a more informed opinion and see whether the typesetting is actually good.


Good language support too, including hyphenation and (although I haven't verified that) typesetting conventions.

On the negative side, SILE has been designed at first for humanities, and as such it does not support yet mathematics, nor tables or programmable graphics (like with Tikz in LaTeX).

And of course it doesn't have the ton community-written packages that TeX has.

@otini SILE looks very promising indeed!

LaTeX is indeed quite old and somewhat painful to write, but it's package ecosystem is very rich and I suppose most maintainers wouldn't care too much to migrate to a very different platform.

Anyway, it's promising to see that people are actually working on new typesetting tools.

@otini I am biased, but I don't know about anything good that came out of activities of religious missionaries like the author of SILE.

@dimpase Well I am not a fan of religious proselytism either, but I don't think his code is contagious.

@otini I'd rather question the motivation; it seems to be mainly to ease the delivery of certain potentially harmful content.

@dimpase Ah, that's a good point, didn't think about that!

@dimpase Out of curiosity, would you count Richard Stallman as a religious missionary?

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the activities of the author of SILE.


@scolobb @otini RMS is a bit mad IMHO - however, he is trying to convince people to follow his ideas by rational means, rather than citing various dubios sources and talking about "faith" and "miracles". So no, nothing to do with religion.

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