Are empty rooms deleted? Are empty rooms deleted?

@otini @matrix will confirm, but empty #Matrix rooms are not rejoinable anymore, but not yet deleted though garbage collector.

@otini @matrix To be fair if an empty room has no alias it has no use anymore.

@tcit @otini this isn't actually true, as users should be able to access it as a historical room in order to get at the old history, even if they've parted.

@matrix @otini Hmm, you mean the "historic" rooms section in Riot stores the internal ID of the room ?

@tcit @otini yup. it's not a riot-specific thing (although it looks like it might be missing from the spec; investigating... :S)

@tcit @otini garbage collector is rising to the top of the todo list ftr. (the room needs to have been both parted **and forgotten** for all users on the server before the server GCs it)

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