that if you have a server with git installed and SSH access, you can use as a remote for your repositories very simply:

$ mkdir repo.git && cd repo.git
$ git init --bare

$ git remote add myserver ssh://username@myserveraddress:/path/to/repo.git
$ git push -u origin master

Credit goes to @deltadelta for telling me that this is, in fact, the original way git was supposed to be used 😅

@otini For the record, it is basically the same thing for #pijul :) (and probably others too)

@otini You will find that the tool “feels right,” but it still miss several features that would make working with it really awesome (eg. easily amend/squash patches comes to my mind)

@otini you can simplify that server-side part:

$ git init --bare repo.git

@otini this is cool. I only tried this with a local folder, that also works

@otini git push -u myserver master, according the remote name you use.

That is how Git was supposed to work from the get go.

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