Gradual typing is messing with my habits… but not in a pleasant way 😕

A type-system for by Théophane Hufschmitt, Oct. 2017

@otini That might be a step beyond even, but honestly I wasn't impressed: adding a very complicated type-system on top of already very/too complicated custom language may be not the best idea, IMO.

@amiloradovsky I think the same problems would arise to typecheck package descriptions written in GNU Guile, no?

@otini Not quite. is splitting hairs much better, even despite being also a dynamically-typed language.
Record types there, for example, have fixed set of fields with default values, AFAIK, so one cannot just put arbitrary stuff in there and expect it to pass through.
Actually, I'd say Guix already has some type-system, look at this for example:



There is definitely some static analysis going on.

@amiloradovsky If Guile has real record types with a fixed set of fields, that's probably better. I never quite understood where dynamic field labels where used in NIxpkgs.

@otini is generally better than + in many respects. But less popular, especially among the industrial users wanting clopen source.


@amiloradovsky I would try it but I also need some proprietary software for my laptop.

@otini If this is a user-land software, you can probably just create an expression for it, and build it with `guix build` then install.
If this is a kernel drivers, for example, then I'm not sure how difficult it would be: maybe just `insmod` would suffice, maybe not, IDK.

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