@otini Not really as long as you don't touch my computer 😃

On a more serious note, Nix is notoriously hard to master, mainly because of some not really intuitive language constructions and heterogeneous documentation.

@scolobb yessss
I mean, I've used it for almost 2 years and I still don't know how to install a custom derivation for xmonad (with a given set of Haskell packages) instead of the default one.

@otini Yeah, same thing here (but for different packages) 😟

You should probably use the following expression instead of plain xmonad (untested): xmonad.override = { packages = [package1 package2]; }

If you look into nixpkgs/pkgs/applications/window-managers/xmonad/wrapper.nix, you'll see that the function it defines takes "packages" as an argument and uses it as a list of packages to install GHC with. That's where I took the "packages" attribute from. I hope this helps (because if is doesn't I have no idea what to do 😃 )
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