Radhia Cousot's 1985 PhD thesis… in French, and handwritten! Etymologically a manuscript 😛

Wasn't TeX already a thing back then? Anyway, it's pretty beautiful.
(The thesis is something like 600 pages.)

Radhia Cousot pretty much invented the formalism called abstract interpretation.

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@otini TeX was a thing, but personal computers not quite so much yet.

@otini @bortzmeyer TeX already existed, but laser printers weren't that common. Even in a computer science lab like the one I was studying in, many PhD thesis were typed on regular typing machines with formulas and figures done by hand.
We got our first laser printer around 1987.

@otini C'est trop bon ! Et oui, à l'ère du minitel, l'impression de qualité n'était pas accessible à tout étudiant.

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