Stop saying that Electron apps are cross platform!

They only run on one platform, the web. In order for people who use Linux/macOS/Windows to be able to run them, they require a translation layer, the Electron runtime, that they all ship with.

It's like when TeamViewer used to ship the Windows version with a copy of Wine as the Linux version. You can run that on Linux indeed, but that's neither a Linux app nor a cross-platform one.

Watching Mastodon grow and seeing other ActivityPub compatible platforms appearing is great! I love that all these disparate applications work together to form one new user base. By making your new software ActivityPub aware, you're getting a built in community. I hope it continues to grow and grow.

"You Should Not Ignore the Mastodon Social Network Any More - Carl Chenet's Blog"

Ich verstehe unsere Wähler auch nicht mehr. Gerade die beiden Parteien mit den meisten Korruptionsfällen, Milliarden Schulden, Verurteilten, Nazis, Verfassungsgefahren & Populisten sind vorne. 😒
Das hat sich #Österreich nicht verdient.

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Besser kann man es nicht zusammenfassen. #Sicherungshaft #abbiegeassistent


This is such an amazing talk. It remembers me always on . How programming should be!

Some other cool alternatives in the fediverse:

Pixelfed: A federated Instagram-like

PeerTube: A P2P YouTube-like

Pleroma: Another federated microblogging galaxy

Many more here too!

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