Weather app: "It's +10C outside! Warm, sunny!


Oh whoops, that's for Edmonton KY! Edmonton AB is -10C haha, have fun"

And I get that it's like, common knowledge, probably, but I'm slow.

I don't do proxy / tor stuff at all, and I was just really pleasantly surprised at how painless it was to do.

Painless as in "literally no extra lisp or fancy scripts had to be written for it to work right"

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'torsocks emacs'

The command just works; you can access onion links in &

"The fascination has faded. What happened is what always happens: the wonder I felt was diminished by experience.

The awe goes—time takes it."
-Frank Chimero

This guy does words! He knows how to do the words & I respect that. Makes me wanna keep reading.

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Super hot take 


... That works!

"This thing claims I have mail. Dude, now I'm reading it!"
- Scott Pilgrim

This scene was comedic, yeah, but it also made me think, like, "that's the life I want".

To care so little about the world in the computer. It's a life you can really only portray in fiction nowadays. Or maybe not. Maybe I should disconnect a bit more often.

Just mentioning it cause it's one of those things that I put off looking at for /way too long/!

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Wow okay, the "bookmarks" facility in is nuts.

'C-x r m' lets you add a bookmark to your global bookmark list, where your point is.

'C-x r l' lists all your bookmarks.

So if you want to remember your place in, say, an info manual or a long program, you can.

and it's like, so simple, but so nuts!

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MH-E, email stuff 

Huh. MH-E has a massive blacklist of headers to exclude from messages while reading them... And you're supposed to send a bug report when you find more headers to add to that list...

:comfythink: :meowHyperThinking: :comfythinkglare: :nkoThink: :rooThink: :thinking_cirno:

Because I guess hiding /all/ headers, then un-hiding user-relevant headers is too hard.

I'm sure there's a good reason to why they do what they do, but like :blobcatgooglyshrug:

I'm not /too/ sad though, because /most/ of these pictures are of telephone poles & trees, so that's ok.

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update: pics developed, but they are way too faded & i have to edit the heck out of them in order to pull out any kind of meaningful detail.

overall, muto is sad.

oh nononononono these do not look like they developed /at all/.

scared, this is not good. that was a fun trip but i'll be sad if i did this wrong... i should have followed the directions tbh.

oki, taking a shower, will post updates afterwards, when the film has a chance to dry.

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hopefully the developer isn't too old. it's not even 6 months yet so i ////should//// be pretty fine.

this stuff has been really forgiving in the past, so i'm just sort of expecting it to work out.

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Stopper goes in yellow & comes out purple & i'm just like "it's science. science is happening right now, right in front of me!"

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I didn't wanna open my second bottle of developer, so I'm like 2 ounces too short & I'm filling that with water but like, I /should/ be able to just expose it for a bit longer. it'll be fine :blobcatgooglyshrug2:

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