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I generally see my microblog posts to be pretty normal, but my mother asks me about the things I say on here in a very concerned way.
Hi mom. This list is pinned for you to help get rid of some confusion

* GNU is not a drug

* I cannot download drugs

* I am not suicidal, it is just part of the joke.

* I am grammatically incorrect, not mentally ill.

* I am not part of a gang.

* The flashing button that says "Fix my computer" is NOT to be pressed.

* I may not always show it, but I love you.

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We need a sane, independent compiler that's Free Software but doesn't rely on GCC.

As much as I appreciate Ada, I don't know if I'll get around to it, but if I do, I'm naming it "Adaboy".

Growing up, no-one actually taught me the Greek alphabet, so I just sort of ended up reading as "this thing multiplied by that funky looking E divided by that letter O with hair... Something something Half-Life something something."

Moral of the story: please teach your kids the alphabet.

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Sorry if this shows up on your feed twice. I tried uploading from my laptop, but images and video appear as blank screens so I had to delete it & use a different machine.

An alphanumeric converter in Guile, finished in a day thanks to a solution by cwebber:

I probably said this before, but using "Old hardware" as a synonym for "Low-power computing" is bad and should not be done.

Is there a way to convert the string:
to the list
(1 2 3)
in ?

There seems to be no primitive function or module that does this.

Then again, I'm still on 0.15 so maybe that changed.

I haven't been close to the development of Guix but maybe I'll hack on it a bit, because there are times when I'd really appreciate a "y probably happened. Try running x" message after a failure, rather than just the "Oops everything died" that I usually get.


I haven't done a 'guix package -u' for a while, so it took a few hours, but failed on GIMP with the dreaded:

"cannot build derivation: dependencies couldn't be built"

Does Guix have to go through the entire process and re-build everything again? I had a hard time understanding the concept in the docs.

"Zero maintenance" is a pretty darn repulsive term. I mean, zero maintenance usually means "non-serviceable". What am I supposed to do with this product in 15 years? Replace it?

I don't want anything that thinks it's better than time. I want to have the option to provide maintenance when it's needed.

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You can do three things with a computer. You can try to make money and that is unlikely. You can try to become famous and that never happens. And you can have fun and that always works.
Chuck Moore (creator of Forth)

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is #guile compiling thread safe ?

Can I start 2 threads compiling a project ?

Today I wrote a script that renames files based on their Vorbis Comment metadata.

@Tutanota does not have any Black Friday deals because they don't like "the concept of offering an overpriced product and giving it away every now & then at a discount".

Bless this company.

Teams Gives me a "No such organization" error on login. I hope this isn't because I'm using !

Also I don't think "Organization" should be capitalized, but that's less important.

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