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I generally see my microblog posts to be pretty normal, but my mother asks me about the things I say on here in a very concerned way.
Hi mom. This list is pinned for you to help get rid of some confusion

* GNU is not a drug

* I cannot download drugs

* I am not suicidal, it is just part of the joke.

* I am grammatically incorrect, not mentally ill.

* I am not part of a gang.

* The flashing button that says "Fix my computer" is NOT to be pressed.

* I may not always show it, but I love you.

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1:30 in the morning. Oh hey, it's my birthday!

I'm going to sleep.

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hot take:
no selfie has been improved by instagram filters
sorry folkx, yall are cute already

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Oh yeah, it's (International Day Against DRM) again today.

I don't like DRM.

There - I said it. See you all next year.👍

Assert your dominance by smiling at people you pass on the sidewalk.

I don't really play games, and I know last year I said I'd never get one of these, but... It was $10 at the thrift store.

It's no MC2, either. This thing's got metal, weight, & resistance.

It's oddly solid compared to other gaming peripherals of the 90's (it's USB, too!)

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There’s that famous R.E.M song Everybody Hurds.

It’s about why GNU #Hurd is not ready yet and we need to tolerate #Linux malarkey. And that’s why life is painful.

Beautiful song.
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I' d LOVE to be able to publish linked data in a serverless (p2p ?) fashion


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Hello. This weekend I'm going to update this instance to Mastodon v3.0.0... There are a lot of changes, some are breaking too, so take a look at the changelog:

The most important, I thinks, is that OStatus support has been removed.

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I really liked Magic of Math, by Arthur Benjamin, so I got some more on casual .

* Measurement, by Paul Lockhart

* Prelude to Mathematics, by W.W. Sawyer

* Joy of X, by Steven Strogatz

They're all very good so far.

Heads up, the 2012 Harvard print of Measurement has such a nice font & line height, it's almost distracting!

When I was learning the basics of , I got confused between "let" and "set" a lot.

I mean, you "set" your glass on the table, and "let" it get filled with water.

But it's the opposite in Lisp

You "let" your glass *exist* on the table, and "set" its *value* to (cons water glass).

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I'm sure if there is a hell, mine will involve fixing errors in troff documents. Maybe with some m4 for added spice.

Anyway a line with zero width break points using \: can't be adjusted, but a ".ad l" and ".ad" before and after the offending line fixes it and looks ok.

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