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I generally see my microblog posts to be pretty normal, but my mother asks me about the things I say on here in a very concerned way.
Hi mom. This list is pinned for you to help get rid of some confusion

* GNU is not a drug

* I cannot download drugs

* I am not suicidal, it is just part of the joke.

* I am grammatically incorrect, not mentally ill.

* I am not part of a gang.

* The flashing button that says "Fix my computer" is NOT to be pressed.

* I may not always show it, but I love you.

The website for Oikospiel is the stuff of dreams. This is how is *supposed* to be used. I actually *like* the JS on this site (yes, me!)
The is super simple, too.
I'm so sad the game isn't available on / , though (I really like David Kanaga's music).

Happy father's day. I love you, dad!

One of the few people at who is genuinely an awesome person (i.e. cares about standards-compliance over proprietary protocols)

Why 300k people can't see my posts 

Why 300k people can't see my posts 

Why 300k people can't see my posts 

I didn't even notice "yor", which just shows you how high quality this comic is šŸ‘

I' m pondering to try to install Guix again, this time alongside Ubuntu and have a dual boot setup

but that' s dreadful too

How do I do that ?

"If YOUR system was built with MY language, you wouldn't HAVE that problem."

-The intro chapter to every language-specific book.

Built one! Still Can't do an Ollie, but it feels good to do something besides computer science for once.

(Of course, one of my main motives is to better understand how a piece of intelligence "unconsciously" learns new skills via repetition & negative reaction, so arguably this is just algorithm research)

I need looser-fitting pants.

Why 3 Phase AC instead of Single Phase???

electroboom: always entertaining and informative

I finally started reading "On the Shoulders of Giants". Just a bit here & there.

It starts off with Copernicus. In just 5 pages it gave me a short but comprehensive bio of who Copernicus was. It's really well written, I wasn't expecting to learn so much in a few minutes.

Out of the blue, I thought another presentation I can make for people starting UNI:

"Things I Learnt the Hard Way in 30 Years of Software Development"

I'm sure we all have this person in our lives:

"If you don't laugh at my jokes, it's because you're either too innocent or too dumb to understand them."

(where "their jokes" are about as complex as fart noises.)

I'm using a laptop with a 2k screen, and in order to make text a bit larger so that it's reasable, I've set the text size in the KDE settings a bit higher. This works in most applications, but Firefox seems to ignore it.

Is there a way to get Firefox to use a large font size for all sites? (i.e. like a default zoom level)

It's kind of annoying having to use Chromium.

So this magazine came with the "Days Gone" soundtrack.
I put it in expecting an action-packed zombie shooter OST, but...

Can't paste text in and now I'm sad. Well, good night, world. šŸ›

I'm glad and exist, cause they give me an insight on how to use the web modules.

I'm planning on making a forum software package in Guile because I want to better understand how Guile can be used in a client/server sort of way.

It'll either be half-baked or totally non-existent, but it's another project I'll add to the bin.

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