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There's a photographer named "Wauter Marck" but oddly enough he doesn't put wauter marcks on his images.

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Developing #BW #Film again! I got a scanner but it makes everything orange. I can fix that in Gimp but I'm kinda digging it for now.

#Photography of my all-time favourite album, on CD. Jukebox the Ghost - Safe Travels

Film stuff came in, so I tried mixing some !

I shot 2 rolls of 400 (Ilford's cheapskate line of film).

Developed for 11:30 just as a guess. It looks like they survived the process, so I'm super happy about that!

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von Neumann Considered Harmful:

"Hello World (Assemblers, Considered Harmful?!) - Computerphile"

#assembly #retrocomputing

I'm continuing Dante's Comedy with Purgatorio, cause I enjoyed Inferno a while back.

It's funny, cause in Hell the one judging souls is Minos, son of Zeus, but in Purgatory it's just some random Roman guy (Cato) guarding the entrance.

I mean that's cool, I have nothing against Cato. Just sayin...

This isn't actually grey. It's blue with a bit of dust on it!

For real though, someone in my family used to teach and had this thing laying around for ages so they gave it to me. Hopefully I can mount it and print something soon enough!

My two cents, this this is big and heavy and I wouldn't pay for it. Not cause it's not worth it, but because I'm a consumer, not a professional, so having industrial equipment like this is kind of overkill.

As unworthy as I am, I'm totally going to use the crap out of this thing!

Huh, LifeWire is actually a cool website. I don't know about tracking or content, but it's intuitive and readable.

It's large, but it works. That's waaaay more than I can say for 99.99% of mainstream websites.

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I never realized, but I imagine different voices for users based on their avatar and username.

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Hello! I'm the account for the #spritely project! Still getting things set up but ya know, in case you wanted to follow Spritely things...

Remember that time when someone on the Fediverse made a list of and you got to choose a Pokemon to attach your fedi username to? That was cool. Is that still around?

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By detailed I mean like, there was a reason why the body burned so easily but the wood around it didn't, and the guitar wasn't built in the room, he just had it at the time.

Temperature, texture, dust, subconscious motion. It had that sketchbook style to it, with crosshatch shading and whatnot.

Very enjoyable, 10/10 would dream again.

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Had a really weird dream last night. A standard "Run N Hide" dream, but... Weird. Detailed. I wrote it in 1st person cause it works better, but it was actually someone else in the dream. I was just watching.

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*slaps roof of a bus stop* this bad boy can fit so many bench to sit ons in it

Maybe not 100% accurate 

When animals talk with each other they can either say "Go away!" Or "I want to reproduce"

And that's all we really say, too. We just come up with many different ways to say it.

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Mastodon - disk space usage 

That's quite surprising, I always thought it was media attachment the major reason for disk space eating. Wll surprise:

mastodon at functional in ~/live 
$ RAILS_ENV=production tootctl media usage
Attachments: 6.37 GB (854 MB local)
Custom emoji: 920 MB (0 Bytes local)
Preview cards: 38.4 GB
Avatars: 6.18 GB (7.09 MB local)
Headers: 13.1 GB (12.2 MB local)
Backups: 0 Bytes
Imports: 0 Bytes
Settings: 0 Bytes

Thinking of putting a "Linux Inside" sticker on my BSD machine just to make myself uncomfortable

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