Oh yeah, I was about to make a video about multiple accounts with but I forgot my domain returns a 535 5.7.8 authentication error on my main PC (despite the fact that it's identical to my other PC's, where sending/getting mail is just fine).

That's okay. Some other time, I guess!

It might have also just been a book @grainloom was talking about. I dunno. I tend to bookmark a lot of Grainloom's stuff.

Actually, come to think of it... I book a lot of *everyone's* stuff. Heck, if anyone posted a link to something within the past 5 years, I probably bookmarked it.

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I wish Firefox had a "Add comment about this bookmark!" option. I would totally use that.

For example, I have the Wikipedia page for "Going Postal", the 33rd book of the Discworld series, bookmarked.

I have never read Discworld. Going Postal was probably referenced in some old software documentation and I wanted to check it out, but I mean, I wish I had a way to remind my future self why the heck all this stuff is here!

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I don't really know what joke I'm trying to make. I don't like the W3C is my main point.

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"Thank you for filing a complaint to the W3C. Mr. Tim Berners-Lee himself personally reviews every complaint, and prints them out for masturbatory purposes.

We will let you know when Mr. Berners-Lee has read your complaint within 3-5 business days. Thank you."

I'm not a fan of . I didn't know how much it would suck when I built this machine a few years back.

But! The 1050 ti has a TDP of 75 watts. It's *cheap* on electricity! Especially considering I hardly ever do graphics-straining work.

There are *so* many self-help books, and the ones I skim through are all cheap cash-grabs of inspiring quotes and hocus-bogus life hacks.

Like sure, *maybe* there are some excellent books on improving your lifestyle, but I need a book that tells me how to sift through all the garbage in order to find them!

I mean... I think? I read it in an article for like a second, but I can't find the tab anymore. Huh. Maybe they ARE just big monuments...

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Wait hold on a sec

Obelisks (those big, long, stone rectangles with the point at the end) are used to tell time.

I thought they were just, like, random monuments. Holy nuts they're just big sundials!

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I love articles about the imminent rise of retro computing.

Folks, some of us never left.

Georgia is a pretty awesome font. It doesn't have an open license, but, solely from a design perspective, it's fantastic!

Long, on documentation (kinda) 

When I'm procrastinating from getting actual work done, I document things. Random things.

There's a README file in almost every directory in my computer, each of which talks about the files and structure of the directory. My home folder has an introduction to the system, where things are in general, which programs are installed, and how to find docs for them.

I have a Vim cheatsheet taped to the side of one of my computers, so I can glance at it without having to switch my workspace.

It's a very good way to waste time. Sometimes I come across an ancient project that doesn't compile and I'm like "What the heck is this, and why doesn't it compile?"
And there's a code comment that just says "*this* is what this is, and *this* is why it doesn't compile!" and well yeah it's just handy.

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Computer finishes updating. Nothing works anymore.

Me: Whooooa it's so clean and fast and smooth... I think!

If I start now I could have my bookmarks folder clean by 2091!

Ahhhh it's nice to have my site back up and accessible.

Now I forgot about all the things I wanted to blog about...

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Hello ,
Thanks to upptime.js.org/ now functional.cafe has its own status page at status.functional.cafe where you can see if the main site has any problem and keep updated with the resolutions.

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"I and God are one" - Neville Gardard

"God sure likes cheesy popcorn" - @kai

Bloot Test, complaining 

Went for a blood test yesterday and jeez no wonder it takes so long!

They take the doctor's papers from you, then, they copy it all to their DB (manually, by typing it all in to separate fields), then they need to find the MD's license and where they work.

It took like 8 minutes for me even with 0 problems, which isn't *that* long, but when you wait in line for an hour it might help to have a faster, maybe automatic, process.

(I'm not here to provide any profound solution. I'm just complaining)

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