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why are indoor windowsills a thing with european style windows?

When I put indoor plants on there, I need to move them when opening the window which opens indoors.

There's no place to put the plant on, nor a mechanism to move them out of the way temporarily.

So I open the window to get fresh air out and later on discover that my pet plant is not on the windowsill. Sometimes I notice it the next day. aaa

Berlin is when you contact the agent regarding some apartment immediately after the ad appeared; there is radio silence for two weeks; and two weeks later, you receive a message saying "please come in today at (one hour from now), unfortunately this appointment is not flexible"

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@rysiek Yup, it's disillusionment. That's not even a solution to anything other than "how can reddit make more money" 😂

@rysiek I'm having a hard time getting past this slide.

I can't determine if they're actually self aware or so disillusioned that they think it's only OTHER platforms who do this?

@rysiek I....err...

I'm struggling with this complete disconnect between the little story about reclaiming the Internet Frontier and their new but still completely insular crypto-clout scheme presented at the end.

Like...somehow the new internet frontier that will save us all is basically the Ferengi home world? What problem does this exactly solve now?

#Reddit seems to have discovered the free and open Internet:

Will they implement an existing open protocol?

Will they open their protocol?

What will they do, then?
Go into cryptocurrencies.


Dude gets fired.

Recruiter gets him an interview... with the firm that fired him.

He goes. And interviews.


Mój tata nie posiada smartfona i nie ma mozliwosci przedluzenia. To powinno byc nielegalne

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things: unable to decrypt symmetric, lacking

This cursed Lenovo Ideapad S9e/S10e I got. Keyboard typing "t" on it's own, weird unescapable power-off state with wireless still on when you use the keyboard somewhat.

Software should not have self-updaters. That's the package manager's job.

What do you mean your operating system doesn't have a package manager? What kind of-

We are in solidarity with the protests against the strict Polish Abortion Act during the last week and especially on Saturday, the 6th November.
Distorted ideas of conservative forces must not promote discrimination anywhere in the world.

Want to know what happened?


Śniło mi się że mój Palm IIIxe mimo że wcześniej wskazywał baterie są na skraju rozładowania, gdy jedna wpadła mu jakoś do wewnątrz i nie była w stykach tylko siedziała wciśnięta głębiej wskazywał że ta jedna pozostała jest 100% lub 75% i działał. A potem za bateriami dostrzegłam jeszcze wciśniętą całą paczkę chusteczek. W Palma IIIx. A potem w ogóle jakby był wielkości laptopa i nagle wyciągałam z niego mnóstwo rzeczy, randomowe PCB i całe kości DIMM PC3200, jakieś DACe, no taki ogólny śmietnik który kiedyś zdarzał mi się walać w kącie przy łóżku.

one underrated thing about the modern era compared to when i was a teen/young adult is everyone keeps one phone number now. that wasn't really an option before so people would change phone numbers multiple times a year and there wasn't an easy way to add or import contacts so it was a huge hassle for basically everyone

The final straw wasn't that the GMail app is evil, though it is: for example, clicking a link in an email goes via a Google server rather than directly to the target. This is hidden by the fact that when you long-press and *copy* the link, you get the 'real' target rather than the redirect.

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The final straw was the GMail app notifications are simply awful: the notification for a 'reply' does not include the 'Re: ' part of the subject.

So when someone I like replies to an email with subject "Leaving the company", I get a small heart attack, because the notification is "[Jane Bloggs] Leaving the company", not "[Jane Bloggs] Re: Leaving the company". Big difference :D

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