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i needed a tagged bookmarking system (partly since i not only stopped using browser bookmarks but browser history as well), and bibsonomy allows me to add websites as well as paper publications. and it's so neatly social, like no other social bookmarking site.

Realized in a round about way that #Okuna was called #OpenBook last year.

'Hmm, I wonder why?"

2 seconds of research later...


ladders in elder scrolls/fallout games: interact with them to teleport to the next room
ladders in sword and shield: time freezes as soon as you get on the ladder and resumes as if nothing happened when you get off
ladders in half life 2: oh god oh fuck

ladders are the greatest challenge in game development

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fun fact: for some reason every mcdonalds in australia flies the australian flag outside, which is weird enough on its own, but they ALSO fly the mcdonalds flag, at equal height too

Aren't we already getting consteval and shit

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa PLEASE

Also I read this as constshit

omg if you rot13 "they" it becomes "gurl"

My instance has been down for most of the day because of server problems. It turns out that having only 8GB of usable storage space for an instance isn't a good idea.

#FreeBSD procfs(5)

radziecki> cat /proc/a/bcdefgh
cat: /proc/a/bcdefgh: cannot open [No such file or directory]
radziecki> cat /proc/a/bcdefghi
* reads stdin*
radziecki> cat /proc/a/bcdefghi
* reads stdin*
radziecki> cat /proc/ab/cdefghi radziecki> cat /proc/ab/cdefgh
cat: /proc/ab/cdefgh: cannot open [No such file or directory]

@luna zone-mode makes your code scroll around or do some other animations after an X amount of seconds of being inactive (I have it set to 5 minutes), it's kinda like a screensaver, but with your code :3

@DissidentKitty There is a firefox plugin called Invidious Redirect that redirects all youtube links to the same video on FYI.

Coq, but when I type "Proof." the pokemon battle music starts and when I type "auto." it says "Tactic is not very effective"

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i was showing my partner my TL to laugh at all ur good posts and he just turned to me and said "sometimes i think about wireless bathtubs. like if a bath had no taps or plumbing it would be like a wireless bath" and,, is shitposting contagious???? have u all given him a virus thru his eyes

Honestly thanks for never dismissing my follow request, leaving it pending instead of deleting it

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