so polish "214"/"typistwoman's" qwertz keyboard layout on windows lacks square brackets ("[]") under AltGr+F/G. a known bug! so i tried MS Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4. but when i install the created layouts, they show up as "Unavailable input method" and cant be used. imma qwerty?

with my carry-around laptop having been (proudly) made to look like this, and my electronic Optima SP 20 typewriter being qwertz too, im now going to be switching to qwerty?!

oh also the new main💻 has a flat wide Return key so i send the partial messages instead of typing ó/ź

What happened that you use windows? Seriously tho, default polish layout drives me nuts. You can't type ~, swapping caps lock and escape requires some weird hacks...

@TeddyDD you mean the qwertz one? the tilde under 1 should work.

and the swapping, what is with it?

and about why…

No, I mean default polish (programmers) layout. You have to press ~ twice to type tilde character iirc :D

@TeddyDD just another thing to fix with MSKLC but it doesn't work for me in another case as described above

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