I, uh, seem to be heavily contemplating running a #Usenet server. It's been years. And I'd like to offer peering over #NNCP to people.

I am either about to do something really fun or slightly insane. This is the best kind of project: where you can't quite tell which until you get into it.

I should also confess I've been posting to comp.mail.uucp lately. AND GETTING REPLIES.

#UUCP forever? Or 40 years too long?

@jgoerzen I have been meditating on how I'd k like to use Usenet again*. I'd check out a server if you set one up.

*Not just for a.b.warez

@ieure I've done some surfing with Google Groups (terrible, yes) and it actually seems to have a number of pretty nice communities now. I also have no interest in the binaries groups. Free newsserver is available at aioe.org - take a look! Or watch for my announcement on #NNCP feeds in a couple of weeks.


@jgoerzen @ieure I think last time, after trying out aioe.org for a moment and then trying to post from some local MAN servers and I think succeeding to from my uni or my previous uni servers but having to ssh to my uni or my old uni for that, I ended up just using eternal-september.org/ which iirc was the most permissive to post stuff and maybe for control messages too i can't remember

oh, I put a "just" there.. it was meant to express the withdrawal from all the local stuff, but the Eternal September server was quite a discovery ofc

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