so these days my text editors are Code, …, …, …and on

@HPBlackMamba Code has many dependencies and I have it as an FHS environment because , and it's heavy and often too problematic for small stuff.

is a lightweight one that is not in an FHS and is great for editing my HTML sites by hand, with headers nav sidebar and stuff (although I would want to have tag close on typing </ enabled without having to also enable automatic insertion of </tag> after typing <tag>).

is a comfy simple one with support for bundles such as howl-nix for editing files — and my Code is an FHS env so I couldn't make it access my /etc/nixos.

is also great for editing HTML on , feels even better than Geany and has neat Tracker-like features like long-clicking the line indicator opens context menu with the directory of the file just like a Tracker menu.

the above is very far from a more comprehensive write-up that i could commit if i didn't have executional dysfunction, did more than not much with all the above in the past few days, wasn't in bed in the morning with my phone, …

@mkf Haven't head about Howl in a while. WDYT about it? From what I remember it was emac...ish but written in C and Lua

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