gotta bring another liter of milk since i feel like playing OpenArena for some half an hour… but i will drink that milk quickly so probably i will be done quicker and hopefully will get back to some work

i lack a mousepad and the lightweight 32-sheet notebook needs a paperweight

my instance has 500ch limit. after i finished writing above post, i looked at the downcounter and it said 220. i thought wow, even without being restricted i once again wrote a 280ch post. so i thought i will paste it on birdsite. but nah, one character too much. forgot bout "…"

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@mkf we have infinite characters, essentially

(unless you wanna write a novel)

@luna i am obsessed with data preservation and also somewhat too thoughtful about making it all look professional… and so:

- hellsite feels problematic as a domain
- your approach causes you to crash sometimes and you are less stable, maybe less reliable, maintenance gets more tired and thus the instance might die someday sooner than most
- you might even get entirely corrupted because software is untested against having no limits

@mkf it's not actually unlimited
it's 70k and it federates fine
good points

though if you're into data preservation, no instance is forever, honestly

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