I ran `docker-machine create --driver generic --generic[…] <somename>` on an Ubuntu Bionic VPS that i don't feel like wiping, it did a bunch of weird stuff including changing the hostname to <somename>, I just hope it didn't mess up stuff too badly. It then failed bc no ports but :22 were open.

I think i will just do forwarding docker socket over ssh bc i don't feel like messing with setting up forwarding ports for docker-machine over ssh.

What i want to do is to run VSCode, along with all it's extensions and functionality, sparing maybe just the renderer part, from per-project Docker containers, with Docker being on the VPS. Still thinking whether to run renderer locally or just TigerVNC. Maybe VNC won't be as sluggish or problematic as i am afraid it could be. At least i get zero fear about my laptop battery dying and even more certainty that the netbook i would be using doesn't impede the performance.


I tried running vscode in x2go (uncontainerized at first) (without X2GoKDrive) but even after replacing "BIG-REQUESTS" with "_IG-REQUESTS" in libxcb.so.1.1.0 as one internet answer suggested it still didn't want to work.

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