There's a huge ongoing thread about community building and administering: I have far less experience than the author, but a lot of the advice looks sound to me. I think it's a good exercise to read it in full and measure it up against your notions of how to run a community.

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Once again my instance is falling down on federating images, so a big shout out to folks who add image descriptions! You never know who might benefit!

Lessons from doing 199 curl releases, by @bagder:

  • Make a release checklist, and stick to that when making releases
  • Update the checklist when needed
  • Script as much as possible of the procedure
  • Verify the release tarballs/builds too in CI
  • People never test your code properly until you actually release
  • No matter how hard you try, some releases will need quick follow-up patch releases
  • There is always another release
  • Time-based release scheduling beats feature-based

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I know this shot is dark and grainy but I still love it. I love how the sun setting over St Davids Cathedral is reflected in the window on the left 😊 #photography

@tfb BTW there's a room where you can ping @mdallastella even when the instance is completely down ;) Worth joining just in case.

@solene Ah, okay, the ones that hold M.2 drives should definitely come out.

What exactly do you mean by "stuck"? It doesn't turn at all? It turns, but stays in the board?

Does it behave differently when you try to screw it in rather than out?

@solene You sure it has to come out? Some screws are designed to stay in their holes even when fully un-screwed, so you don't lose them. If you can screw it back in and out easily, than it's probably okay that it doesn't come out.

@mdallastella Thank you for your work! The version in the footer says "3.3.0+glitch", is that correct? (I'm talking about the footer e.g. here

@ninesigns А ты-то в итоге поучаствовал хоть раз? Или с тех пор, как меня заломало учить OCaml, ты больше не пробовал?

@ninesigns Нет, год нечётный, так что должна быть Scala. Команда это пока ещё не обсуждала.

is going to take place from Friday 9th till Monday 12th July this year. Hell yeah!

(Start-end times weren't announced yet.)

@oherrala Yes, I'm afraid of wearing out the flash, too, so I'd only enable this option temporarily, for the duration of the reboot. (And then run a risk of forgetting to turn it off again, of course.)

Just realized I can temporarily switch on store-on-disk for graphs, to avoid loosing statistics while rebooting. Better late than never, huh?

@amiloradovsky Sorry, but you're no Terry Pratchett; yours don't carry such a sarcastic punch as his does.

China's lander should touch down on Mars today at approximately 23:11 UTC 🤞 It'd be pretty cool to get more instruments on the surface.

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leave it to the ISO C and POSIX standards to make math functions not pure

@kc Wow, and it's not even reentrant! Wild! Thank you very much for the link.

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