re: single serving site to make a clean and tracker-free version of a web page for sharing. 

@readsteven There was a site called Readability that did just this, but then they tried to build a business out of it and failed. A few surviving competitors are Instapaper and Pocket. Their primary purpose is to be "read-it-later" services though. You can definitely get a link to a "prettified" rendition out of Pocket, but you'd have to sign up for their service first.

Modern internet 🤷‍♂️​

@nm0i А ты в ленту почаще загляывай! :P Я обязательно анонсирую.

@nopefish А я в геймджемах наоборот не участвовал. Там тоже несколько дней жары, или просто по вечерам что-то пилишь и в итоге показываешь?

ICFPC своими задачами иногда напоминает работу, но, по крайней мере, с ICFPC ты всегда знаешь, когда это всё закончится :)

Каждый год мы с друзьями из играем в — трёхдневное соревнование по программированию с нестандартными, «жизненными» задачами. Несмотря на творящийся в мире бардак, 2022-й не стал исключением, и, конечно же, я написал отчёт: Я пишу их в надежде, что больше людей откроёт для себя это офигенное развлечение и будет, как и я, три дня в год погружаться в очередную безбашенную задачку (которую, кстати, можно решать и руками, без программирования). Увидимся в турнирной таблице в следующем году :)


@lthms Woosh! Done. Enjoy your multi-hour build! :P

@tennoseremel Yeah, this makes little sense for ephemeral stuff like toots. For longer content though, it might work if the system presents me with a list of stuff I read recently, prompting me to fav and boost the things that left a lasting impression.

"Boost" and "favourite" buttons are easy to click, do they're clicked easily. Things go viral when they compel people to "like and share" even before they started thinking.

What if we slowed this down? What if I couldn't favourite a post before 24 hours passed, and couldn't boost it in the first week since I saw it? What if the system pushed me towards thinking about things before I endorse or reshare them?

I think it could turn favs and boosts into better signals of quality. I.e. they would indicate "this is worth your time", not just "this will give you a temporary dopamine hit".

This might only make sense for longer content, like blogs; not the Twitter-like part of . But I still wonder.

@readsteven So what you're saying is that the library has a Mystery section which is a… mystery?

@skobkin Кто-нибудь уже додумался использовать вас как пастебин?

@light @drq

@a1ba Коллега предупредил, что кабель отладочный, и не соврал: отладка продолжается до сих пор.

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On this day, in 1991, Linus Torvalds first announced Linux to the world, in the comp.os.minix Usenet group. I had written a tiny bit of code in that code: the string formatting parts of the kernel logging function printk.

Today, that code (with changes and improvements by other people) runs on billions of devices, on all continents, on all oceans, in orbit, and on Mars. Possibly other places.

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Thank you Maurus C. Logan for inventing the zip-tie.

He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.

@lthms Most enticing programming livestream ever :P

It's 61 years since 1961, when Tony Hoare published the qucksort algorithm:

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Am I employable in tech anymore?

I've been doing this for 30+ years.

I don't want to build web3, I don't want to be in the same room as crypto. I don't want to build a platform or a network or the next big anything at all.

I just want to build humble little apps that help some people and don't do anything skeevy.

Anyone hiring for something like that?

@readsteven has opportunities like that. They are far in between, so might take a while to find one which you will enjoy, but it's better than sieving through a general-purpose jobs listings.

@pureevil I have never heard about "inner platform effect" before, thanks for the edification!

@jaywink I'm don't like traveling myself, but it's fun to read your reports - please continue posting them! And I hope your tests remain negative.

@rm Жаль. И вдвойне жаль, что вместо отдельной секции новостей на сайте с нативным RSS и репостингом в Телегу ты делаешь наоборот — пишешь посты в какое-то закрытое болотце, из которого их потом надо выковыривать.

Но ладно. Где тебя в Телеге искать-то?

@riderius Для удаления отладочной информации из исполняемых файлов.


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