"Boost" and "favourite" buttons are easy to click, do they're clicked easily. Things go viral when they compel people to "like and share" even before they started thinking.

What if we slowed this down? What if I couldn't favourite a post before 24 hours passed, and couldn't boost it in the first week since I saw it? What if the system pushed me towards thinking about things before I endorse or reshare them?

I think it could turn favs and boosts into better signals of quality. I.e. they would indicate "this is worth your time", not just "this will give you a temporary dopamine hit".

This might only make sense for longer content, like blogs; not the Twitter-like part of . But I still wonder.

@minoru 24 hours? You might just remove them. Nobody is gonna scroll that far back.

@tennoseremel Yeah, this makes little sense for ephemeral stuff like toots. For longer content though, it might work if the system presents me with a list of stuff I read recently, prompting me to fav and boost the things that left a lasting impression.

@minoru I think you are thinking along the right lines but I'm not sure about the suggestion. Maybe rather than inconveniencing people, the action (boost, like) can be taken immediately but the consequences are not directly related to that?

So maybe over time users are assessed on the quality of their actions.

So on soccer for example my boosts etc don't have much effect, on software my boosts get extra oompf, both based on how others respond (and their own topic ratings) to my signals.

@minoru makes sense only when you let user decide, as system developer you should only decide for defaults (one of main points of study of behavioral econ)

I think, you're missing an important point: Liking posts at least on Mastodon and Pixelfed doesn't boost anything as the developers deliberately removed anything that my play into these (dark) patterns of the attention economy.
Liking (or favouriting) posts only sets flags for the author and the users that liked the post. There are no algorithms that somehow boost them in any way.

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