Feeling a bit sad because I just decommissioned my very first VPS:

$ uptime
11:29AM up 1391 days, 16:49, 1 users, load averages: 0.53, 0.54, 0.49

It got replaced with a newer, better one, which I hopefully will update more often :D

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@minoru 1391 days without kernel updates *shrieks*

@minoru maybe he has the runtime kernel patching thingy

@nm0i @L29Ah I applied all the updates for a while, but then a new major version came out, I didn't update, and then mine reached EOL and I didn't update still. And then I just didn't update for 4 years 🤷

@minoru @L29Ah occam's razor suggest long uptime is the first consequences of lazy, as the second level would be `sudo reboot`, while `i know how kexec works` is some space technology

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