I'm Alexander Batischev AKA Minoru.

I write programs. My biggest claim to fame is Newsboat, but I also help maintain Hakyll, gettext-rs, and a bunch of other stuff. Haskell is the reason I'm on this instance, but my "working" language is C++. FLOSS is better than proprietary.

I read books. Sci-fi is my favourite genre, but I dabble in everything. I read in English, Russian, and Ukrainian (the latter two being my native languages). E-books are good, but DRM must go.

I'm also curious about space exploration, psychology, alternative energy, and the art of writing. Probably forgetting a bunch of minor interests there, but oh well.

Happy to be here ^_^

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@links perhaps? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Either way, hi there 👋

@links Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you're replying to an older post of mine. The link I gave above is correct then.

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