Beware: my instance allows 2500 characters per toot, and I routinely reach that limit, especially in comments.

("Microblogging"? No, never heard of that term before. Is that like an essay but slightly shorter?)

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@minoru 1 year ago. i can only see 1 post after this. do you have another account now?! probably. 🤣
@minoru nevermind. just noticed i still don't understand why my apps (husky and fedilab) can't fetch posts as i would expect... if they have issues or i expect too much! 🤔

@cregox I don't really understand how it works either. What I do know is that my profile can appear empty to you if no-one on your server is subscribed to anyone on my server yet, and none of my posts made it to your server via boosts. When you subscribe, I guess your server might fetch some of my latest posts, which would explain why you suddenly see them; but this part is just guesswork. Anyway, thanks for subscribing!

@cregox I'm on Mastodon, so to me it appears as if you starred/favourited the post.

@minoru i also did favourite the post. 🤣 i use it as a read mark.

@cregox Oh, okay. Try upvoting this one, and tell me when you did — I'll tell you if I see anything on my side.

@cregox I don't see anything here in Mastodon 🤷‍♂️

@minoru let the problems with too much federation begin! 🤣

they still pale when compared with email issues.

@cregox Also yeah, I think it's common on Fediverse to use stars as "read" marks, but I usually do it at the end of the conversation, as a kind of a nod, to mean "I read this comment and I have nothing to reply".

@cregox Not to say that there's any "right" or "wrong" way to use stars, of course :)

@minoru we definitely can use better signalling reactions! i think explicit and dedicated "read" and "over" would work great. i still prefer using it more as read, though.
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